Arrange your arrival


Major international routes to Russia go via its capital, Moscow. There are three major in-ternational airports in Moscow:

Sheremetyevo (,
Domodedovo (,
Vnukovo (

After passing through Customs and Immigration Control, you have to get to the city. The most convenient is the express train (AEROEXPRESS: tickets and timetable at which will take you to one of the subway stations of the capital. The subway system is very simple, there is one ring and several intercrossing lines. If you are taking a train connection to Penza then you have to get to Komsomolskaya station (red line). The trains leave from Kazansky train station (depart from ‘Moskva Kazanskaya’, arrive at ‘Penza 1’)

You can take the following trains going to Penza:
№ 052 (‘Sura’, leaves 08.40 p.m., arrives 07.55 a.m.)
№ 132 (leaves 04.20 p.m., arrives 05.08 a.m.)

(trains TO Moscow are № 051 and № 131 correspondingly)

You can find timetables and available tickets at - go to ‘Passengers’, then ‘Buy tickets online’ -

When boarding the train you have to produce the identity document and the printed out e-ticket boarding pass.

Another option is buying tickets in a ticket office for long-distance trains at the railway station itself. If you do the latter, note the times and important numbers on a ticket. Train tickets are issued in Russian only.


1 - train number 2 - departure date 3 - departure time (Moscow time) 4 - carriage number 5 - class 6 - departure city 7 - destination city 8 - seat number 9 - passenger name 10 - date of arrival 11 - time of arrival (Moscow time)


There are several types of trains and three basic classes for rail journeys. There are speed, fast and passenger trains (the latter are the slowest with the largest number of halts and waiting). The classes of travel are:
spalny vagon (1st class) - most expensive, luxuri-ous, 2-berth compartments, service included;
kupe (2nd class) - 4-berth compartments, bedding included; highly-recommended as the ideal com-bination of price and value;
platskartny (3rd class) open-plan dormitory cars, 54 bunks per coach. Good for budget travel but not recommended to inexperienced travelers.


If you come by train, you are at the railway station PENZA 1, you need to get to 40, Krasnaya St. The journey will take 10-20 minutes.

You have the options:
a) take a taxi (expensive but reliable and safe)
b) go by bus (№ 8,) or mini-bus (№ 8, 21) and get off at the bus stop ‘University’ at Lermontova st. (pronounced ‘u-ni-ver-si-tet’ with the stress on the last syllable)

If you arrive by plane, the options are the same:
a) take a taxi
b) take a bus (№54, №66) or a minibus (№10) to the city centre, minibus №30 to the university.


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