Preliminary Training


Students who come to study at Penza State University should not be afraid of language barriers. Students without any knowledge of Russian are first enrolled for the Preliminary Training Course.

Here, the students learn both the Russian language and general subjects.

There are four major profiles of study: Humanities, Economic, Linguistic, Biomedical and Technical. The choice of profile depends on chosen undergraduate studies.

Russian Language, Literature, Country Studies, Social Sciences, History, IT
66 000
Russian Language, Mathematics, Social Sciences, History, Economics, IT
66 000
Russian Language, Literature, Country Study, IT
66 000
Russian Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, IT
66 000
Russian Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geometry Basics, IT
66 000

The instruction is held in Russian. From basic Russian students are taken  to higher levels of language proficiency. Students also learn elements of academic and professional language, which will be vital for their success during further studies.

Classes start in the period from September,1st – October,1st.
Latecomers can be admitted till December,1st.
Classes comprise 8-10 people.
The course of preliminary training lasts 1 academic year.

At the end of the course students are required to take final examinations: in Russian and other subjects studied during the course.

If students pass exams successfully, they are given a testifying document and may proceed to their further study of undergraduate courses.

Details on application may be found here.

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