Research fields and projects

1. Hardware and Software Communication Systems and Technologies in Data Analysis and Data Security

• Information Communication and Supercomputer Technologies
• Data Analysis, Store and Transfer, Data Security Technologies
• Information Measuring Technologies
• Nano-materials and Nano-electronics
• Neural Network Technologies
• Theoretical framework of Informatics

2. Multi-Functional Construction and Composite Materials, Coating and Their Use

• Multi-functional Construction and Composite Materials and Coatings
• Technologies for Ecological and Anthropogenic Safety

3. Effective Engineering and Design in Machine Building and Instrument Building

• Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency
• Technologies for Ecological and Anthropogenic Safety

4. Life Sciences

• Biomedical Studies
• Biochemistry of Brain. Neurochemical Mechanisms of Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Stress.
• Fauna, Systematics and Animal Ecology in European Part of Russia and Adjoining Territories
• Molecular-Genetic and Physiological Aspects of Plant Ontogenesis

5. Modernization in Russia: Key Economic and Legal Problems and Possible Solutions

• Cooperation with Foreign Countries in Economy, Science and Technology, Culture
• Modernization in Russia: Key Legal Problems and Possible Solutions
• Stable Development of Social Economic System
• Administrating Social Economic System of Businesses and Regions
• Efficient Funding of Economic Entities

6. Sociocultural and Philosophical Issues in Modern Russia

• Building Multicultural Relations of New Level in Modern Russia
• Socialization and Personal Development in Institutes of Social Development. Current Issues in Youth Politics in Modern Russia.
• Philosophy of Social Life

7. Education

• Defining Problems of Higher School Education
• Professional Education in Schools and Universites
• Building Motivated Environment in Education by Means of Psychological Tools
• Innovative Technology in Psychology Education

8. National History

• History of the Penza Region in the 19th-20th centuries
• Peasant Life in the First Half of the 20th century
• History of State Establishments in Russia in the 20th century
• History of Development and Growth of Industry, Working Class and Social Politics of the Soviet Union.

9. Linguistics and Literature

• Genre and Style of Classical Period of Russian Literature
• Social Linguistics. General and Russian Onomastics

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