Department of Independent Information and Control Systems

The Department of Independent Information and Control Systems was founded in 1962. In previous years it bore two names “Radiomechanical Devices” and “Cybernetic Devices and Systems”. Throughout its history the department has graduated more than 1500 young specialists.

Staff of the department are engaged not only in running specialist’s degree and post-graduate programmes, but also in delivering about 40 different disciplines, including Engineering and Computer Graphic Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Theory of Energy Materials, Software Environments, Location Methods for Object Detection, Theory of Information Processing, and Time Interval Sensors. The educational and scientific activities are implemented in two modern computer labs, four lecture halls with multimedia equipment, and five laboratories with customised equipment and complexes.

Significant attention is devoted to research. Students and staff design mathematical models of seismic signals of ground objects and interference. They also propose effective signal processing algorithms operating in real time. This field is based on the development and study of seismic systems for detection, classification and passive location of moving ground objects. Another focus of research at the department is increasing efficiency of technical security systems and alarm systems for various facilities. In addition, researchers work on methods for assessing the performance of physical protection systems.

To carry out research requiring great computing capacity, the department uses a specialised high-performance computing complex. On the basis of recent findings, researchers have obtained 7 patents for inventions and utility models and published about 160 articles. Over the last five years, 12 Candidate and Doctor of Science theses have been defended; 2 monographs, 19 textbooks and 4 guidelines have been published at the department.



     Special Managing and Engineering Systems


     System Analysis, Information Managing and Processing


Research topics

•    Space-time systems
•    Pattern recognition and classification systems
•    Technical security systems
•    Modern security technologies


Aleksey Sidorov
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Head of the Department

Building 4, office
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-82-32
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