Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences is an integrated faculty that builds its training along two major lines – physical and mathematical sciences education and natural sciences education. The faculty was born as a merge of some of the oldest faculties of Penza State University, that were originally founded in the late 1930s. Through all these years it has been dedicated to delivering fundamental knowledge, fostering scientific literacy and providing unique hands-on experience in the chosen field of study.

Physics and Mathematics division prioritizes innovative methods of teacher education. Typical for Russia unfailing popularity of teaching profession in physics, mathematics and, lately, in information sciences, leads to stable high numbers of applicants. Physics and computer laboratories located in the old atmospheric building always provide ample opportunities for designing and performing experiments, learning how to record and anlyse results and draw conclusions. Solid theoretical foundations and acquired practical experience allow students to build their careers in the world where the knowledge of exact sciences is a standard.

Natural sciences division provides thorough knowledge in biology, chemistry, geosciences, and ecology. The faculty boasts excellent laboratories of general and organic chemistry, biochemistry. There is Zoological Museum with around 2,000 exhibits and Mineralogical Museum with fantastic collections of minerals collected by both students and teachers during expeditions. The botanical collection, Sprygin herbarium, contains amazing 200,000 exhibits of common and rare plants. The student research is given special emphasis so as to enable the graduates to enter the competitive field armoured with necessary research skills. Dedicated teachers do not only encourage student learning but actively support extracurricular activities – hiking trips, ski tours, music and dance concerts.



• Pedagogical Education – Mathematics; Informatics; Geography; Biology; Biology, Chemistry; Physics, Technology; Geography, Life Safety
• Biology - Biochemistry; Bioecology
• Chemistry


• Pedagogical Education – Mathematics and Education; Physics and Education; Chemistry and Education; Geography and Education; Biology and Education; Information Technologies for Education
• Biology - Ecology; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology and Genetics; Botany; Plant Physiology


Physiology and Plant Biochemistry


Informatics and Methods of Teaching Mathematics and Informatics
General Physics and Methods of Teaching Physics
Chemistry. Theory and Methods of Teaching Chemistry
General Biology and Biochemistry
Zoology and Ecology


• Penza Geometry School of I.P. Egorov (founded by Prof. I.P. Egorov, supervised by Assoc. Prof. A.Y. Sultanov)
• Biochemistry of Brain. Neurochemical Mechanisms of Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Stress (founded and supervised by prof. M.T. Gengin)
• Fauna, Systematics, Ecology of Animals of Russia’s European Part and Cross-Border Regions (founded by prof. V.P. Denisov, supervised by prof. V.Y. Ilyin);
• Molecular-Genetic and Physiological Aspects of Plant Ontogeny. Regulations of Plant Growth Processes, Development and Gender Appearance (founded by acad. M. h. Chailakhyan, supervised by prof. V.N. Khryanin)
• Community Ecology and Taxonomy of Protists in Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitats (founded and supervised by prof. Yu. Mazei)


Sergei Titov
Tel.: +7 (8-412) 54-85-16
E-mail: enf@pnzgu.ru

Vice-Deans for Academic Affairs
Olga Gubanova, Natalia Leonova
Tel.: +7 (8-412) 54-85-16

Vice-Dean for Educational and Social Affairs
Elena Mironova
Tel.: +7 (8412) 54-85-16

Roman Naumov
Tel.: +7 (8412) 54-85-16

Internet Site:
https://fmenf.pnzgu.ru/ - official page at the site of Penza State University (Russian version)

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