Faculty of History, Languages and Literature

Multilingual and boisterous, the faculty is a fine example of a blend of various fields of the Humanities.

Being the oldest at the Pedagogical University (its history goes back to 1939), the faculty has been growing steadily, changing outwardly and inwardly, accepting advanced methods of teaching history, foreign languages, the Russian language, Russian and world literature, journalism and law. Nowadays, it is headed by Prof. Olga Sukhova, Doctor of History.

The faculty teaches more than 1,600 students and 23 post-graduate students. Foreign language students are well-known not only for their excellent language skills, but also for their creativity, active engagement in extra-curricular activities and sheer positivism. A lot of language students take part in international programmes. History students not only amaze their teachers with conscientious academic work, but with remarkable results of their participation in archeological excavations of ancient cultural sites. There is also an excellent opportunity for law students to have professional training in real-life situations, as their curriculum includes practical work in law-enforcement agencies of the city. Students of literature, Russian language and journalism successfully combine their studies with the first experience of practical work in the media.

Currently the faculty is made up of 10 departments that offer training in a range of disciplines.



• Pedagogical education - English; German, French; History; History, Social Studies; the Russian Language; the Russian Language, Literature
• Journalism


• Pedagogical education - Language Studies; the Russian Language; History and Education; Social Studies; Literature and Education
• Linguistics - Translation Studies and Practice; the Russian Language as a Foreign Language; Languages, Culture and Media


• Russian History
• Journalism
• Theory of Language


Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
Romano-Germanic Languages 
The English Language
Translation and Translation Studies
Foreign Languages
World History and Social Studies
History of Russia and Methods of Teaching History
Literature and Methods of Teaching Literature
Russian and Methods of Teaching Russian


• Individuals and Society in History
• Peasant and Social History in England in 16th – 17th cc
• Russia and Europe during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
• Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Relations in Europe and the USA in the late 19th – early 20th cc
• World War II Studies
• Issues in Historiography and General History
• Penza Region Archeology
• Foreign Language Teaching: Country Study, Linguistic and Cultural Aspects
• Mass Media Discourse in Structuring Society Life Values and Views
• Text Linguistics
• Semantic, Stylistics, Cognitive and Pragmatic Aspects of the English Language
• Methods of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
• 21st Century Technologies in Teaching German
• Competence Approach in Teaching Foreign Languages
• Conceptualization. Society in the Semantic Space of Modern German
• Teaching Translation: Linguistic and Practical Aspects


Olga Sukhova
Tel.: +7(8412) 54-78-25, +7(8412) 68-88-66
е-mail: iff@pnzgu.ru

History and Legal Education
Tel.:+7 (8412) 68-88-66, +7 (8412) 68-88-22,
+7 (8412) 68-86-13, +7 (8412) 68-87-22.

The Russian Language, Literature and Journalism
Tel.: +7 (8412) 54-88-46

Foreign Languages
Tel.: +7 (8412) 54-78-25
e-mail: iff@pnzgu.ru

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iff.pnzgu.ru -official page at the site of Penza State University
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