Institute of Law

For hundreds of years professional lawyers have been in high demand in any society. The twentieth century witnessed rapid development of science and technology, economy and social sphere, new processes prompted the need in qualified lawyers. Following the urgent demand, the Institute of Law was opened at the University in 1998. Originally just a small faculty, it is developing at a quick pace and obviously has the greatest potential. It now comprises eight departments, the Law College, and several specialised laboratories and trains more than three thousands of students.

Solid theoretical framework, narrow professional knowledge and unique practical skills – these are the hallmarks of legal training at the faculty that allow its graduates to occupy their niche in the professional world. Among the job opportunities are judges, attorneys, civil servants, public notaries, law enforcement officials, business lawyers. While studying, the young people are already aware of the responsibility of their profession – to uphold and enforce the law.

Both the academics and the students of the institute are deeply engaged in theoretical and research work. The conference schedule is tough, but the students manage to combine studies and research work with extra-curriculars – performances, cultural and sport events.

Since 2010, the institute houses the regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia. Its members are professional Penza lawyers engaged in various legal spheres, both at the regional and at the national level. The Board of Young Lawyers is made up of students of law and acts under the supervision of the Association of Lawyers of Russia. These unions help to boost the quality of legal training and support and make the Institute of Law at the university one of the most trusted law schools in the region.



• Law
• Advertising and Public Relations


• Law-Enforcement Activities


• Law – Constitutional Law. Municipal Law; Legal Policy in the RF and EU countries; Criminal Law; Civil Law. Entrepreneurial Law; Court, Prosecutor and Lawyer Defence
• Advertising and Public Relations - Advertising and Public Relations in Business and Public Administration


• Theory and History of State and Law. History of State and Law Studies
• Constitutional Law. Constitutional Judiciary Proceedings. Municipal Law
• Judiciary, Prosecution, Advocacy and Law Enforcement


Criminal Law
History of Russia, State and Law
Law Enforcement Activities
Legal Disciplinies
Philosophy and Social Communication
Private and Public Law
Theory of State and Law


• Constitutional and Statutory Legislation of RF Constituent Units (founded and supervised by Prof. V.V. Goshulyak)
• Modern and Post-Modern Processes in Politics, Law and Economics (founded and supervised by Prof. A.Yu. Salomatin)
• National History (founded and supervised by Prof. V.Yu. Karnishin, Prof. N.G. Karnishina)

Specialized Laboratories

• computer laboratory
• criminal investigation laboratory
• study laboratory


Prof. Vitaly Goshulyak
Office 301, building 5, Penza State University
Tel: +7 (8-412) 36-82-76

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Olga Ryzhova
Tel: +7 (8-412) 36-82-76

Vice Dean for Academic and International Affairs, Research and Innovation
Olga Stulnikova
Tel: +7 (8-412) 36-82-76

Vice Dean for Social Affairs
Aleksandr Feoktistov
Tel: +7 (8-412) 36-82-76

Internet web-site - official page at the web-site of Penza State University (Russian version)

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Student Council of the Law Faculty
Volunteer Club of the Law Faculty
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