Faculty of Machine Building and Transport

The history of the faculty goes hand in hand with the history of Penza State University. Founded in 1943, it was the core part of the Industrial Institute.

More than 16 thousand engineers have graduated since then. Many of them became leading specialists in research and industry. Engineering qualification allows the faculty graduates to hold the positions from the techical engineer at a factory or an R&D institute to the highest managerial posts. The list of notable faculty alumni includes professors, doctors of engineering sciences, notable researchers and inventors, recipients of state awards, politicians, members of the Russian parliament. Yet, a lot of graduates have chosen a teaching career, the majority of teaching academia of the faculty are its former students.

Being a practically oriented faculty, it offers training in an impressive variety of professional spheres - automobile industry, machine building, chemical industry, welding and foundry engineering industries.

The exciting research programmes, developed at the faculty by both professional researchers and students, offer intellectual challenges and often lead to significant discoveries and inventions. A number of projects are carried out in close collaboration with businesses and manufacturers of the region. Yet the strategic focus of the faculty research is on the emerging technologies and fields.

The faculty houses multiple specialized laboratories, authorized training centres, computer centres of leading engineering software producers. All this allows students to gain unique work skills and become highly sought-after professionals.



• Engineering Support for Machine Building - Machine Building Technologies
• Electrical and Power Engineering
• Machine Building - Welding Technologies and Equipment; Foundry Engineering Technologies and Machinery
• Materials Science and Metal Technologies
• Transport Processes Technologies
• Technosphere Safety


• Land Vehicles and Machines


• Engineering Support for Machine Building - Machine Building Technologies; Metalworking Machines
• Materials Science and Metal Technologies - Materials Science and New Metal Technologies
• Land Vehicles and Machines - Automobiles


• Machine Building Technologies
• Materials Science (Machine Building)


Machine Building Technologies
Computer Engineering Design of Machines
Welding and Foundry Engineering, Materials Science
Transport Vehicles
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and Graphic Design
Technosphere Safety


• Development of Advanced Technologies and Automation of Manufacturing Preparation (founded and supervised by Prof. V.Z. Zverovshchikov)
• Material Science and Compound Materials (founded and supervised by Prof. A.E. Rozen)
• Functional Electrolytic Coating (founded and supervised by Prof. S.N. Vinogradov)
• Heterogeneous Structure Dynamics (founded and supervised by Prof. V.V. Smogunov)
• Quality and Reliability of Technological Machines and Equipment (founded and supervised by Prof. V.A. Skryabin)
• Vortex Processes and Technologies (founded and supervised by Prof. N.E. Kurnosov)


Sergei Kireev
Tel: 36-80-32
e-mail: dit@pnzgu.ru

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Oleg Loginov

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Lev Naumov
(841-2) 36-82-24

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs
Andrey Vanteev
(841-2) 36-80-08

Margarita Igonina

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