Institute of Sport and Physical Training

The present Institute of Sport and Physical Training comprises 5 departments staffed with 60 people - teachers and coaches - well known within the university and in the city. The teaching staff are experienced coaches, qualified athletes and researchers. There are Doctors of Pedagogical and Biological Sciences, 39 Candidates of Sciences (PhD), more than 20 people awarded with Distinction of Physical Education Award, 2 Masters of Sport of international category, 24 Masters of Sport, more than 15 Candidates of Master of Sport.

Graduates of the Institute become either athletes or professional coaches. While studying many of the students take part in amateur sport competitions, from regional to international ones. Among the graduates, there are 90 qualified for the degree of Master of Sport of the USSR/RF, several achieved the degree of Master of Sport of international category. Penza athletes won medals at European and world championships, the Olympic Games. Institute of Sport and Physical Training greatly contributed to this success.

The Institute is famous for its excellent facilities: indoor sports halls, gyms equipped with various exercise machines for weightlifting, powerlifting, and general fitness, a swimming pool, a stadium, a football pitch. It is also stocked with sport equipment for skiing and sport games. Regular physical education classes for university students are always dynamic and exciting.

All through the academic year, the Institute offers participation in various sport games, contests and recreational activities. It is an excellent opportunity for students to develop sound health habits and find new friends.



​• Teacher Training - Physical Training
• Physical Training
• Physical Education for Learners with Disabilities (Adapted Physical Education)


• Teacher Training - Physical Training


Theoretical Foundations of Physical Education
Gymnastics and Sport Games
Cyclic Sports
Physical Education
Sport and Physical Training


Aleksandr Pashin
Tel.: +7 (8-412) 54-78-76
Building 14/ 37 Lermontova/ Penza State University

Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs
Elena Dvoryaninova
Tel.: +7 (8-412) 54-78-76

Vice-Dean for Social Affairs
Olga Grigoryeva
Теl.: +7 (8412) 54-78-76

Aleksandra Vasilyeva
Теl.: +7 (8412) 54-78-76

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