Gleb Sintsov

Vice-Rector for International Affairs

Doctor of Law (2009)
Professor (2013)
Merited Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation (2018)

Tel.: +7 (8412) 20-28-99

Working hours: Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 17.00, lunch break from 12.00 to 13.00
Visiting hours: Monday from 15.00 to 17.00, Thursday from 9.00 to 11.00

Gleb Sintsov was born on 28 August 1975 in Penza. He attended the Secondary School No. 1 (1982 – 1985) and the Secondary School No. 4 (1985 – 1992).

He has two higher education degrees:
•    in Teacher Training (specialty – English and German Languages, Faculty of Foreign Languages, V.G. Belinsky Penza State Pedagogical University, 1992 – 1997);
•    in Law (specialty – Law, Faculty of Continuing Education, Penza State University, 1998 – 2000).

From 2000 to 2003 he was undertaking the postgraduate programme at V.G. Belinsky Penza State Pedagogical University in the specialty Constitutional Law, Community Law. Ahead of schedule, he defended his thesis “Constitution and legal doctrine of referendum in the Russian Federation and constituent entities of the Russian Federation” at Moscow State Law Academy in 2003 and thus gained the degree of Candidate of Law (PhD in Law).

In 2003 – 2009, Gleb Sintsov occupied the positions of senior lecturer, associate professor, professor and head of the Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure in the Faculty of Law (V.G. Belinsky Penza State Pedagogical University).

In 2009, he successfully defended the thesis “Modern constitutional and legal models of referendum doctrine around the world” within the specialty Constitutional Law, Community Law at Russian State Trade and Economy University and obtained the degree of Doctor of Law.

From 2009 to 2019, Gleb Sintsov served as the Head of the Department of Private and Public Law in the Faculty of Law (Penza State University).

In September 2019, he was appointed as the Vice-Rector for International Affairs. He is still the Professor of the Department of Private and Public Law (Institute of Law, PSU).

Gleb Sintsov is highly experienced in the sphere of law. In 1997 – 2003, he worked as a legal assistant, legal counsel, head of the legal affairs department, and deputy CEO on legal affairs in various organisations and institutions in Penza. From 2005 to 2010 he was an attorney in the Chamber of Attorneys in the Penza Region (Sintsov’s Legal Office).

He is a member of the Candidate and Doctor Thesis Defence Council of Penza State University. He supervises the Postgraduate degree programme in the specialty Justice, Prosecution, Law Enforcement, and Human Rights Advocacy. He is an academic adviser of postgraduate students completing the programmes in Constitutional Law, Constitutional Legal Proceedings, and Community Law. He has already qualified 17 Candidates of Law.

Gleb Sintsov is deeply engaged in public life. He chairs the Penza regional division of the all-Russian non-governmental organisation “Association of Lawyers of Russia”. In addition, he is a chairman of the Public Council to the Administration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Penza Region and a member of the Qualification Board of Judges in the Penza Region.

His research interests lie in constitutional law in the Russian Federation and around the world (human rights, election law, establishment and development of referendum doctrine in Russia and abroad) and specific aspects of civil law. He also explores the issues of youth extremism in Russia.

Gleb Sintsov has authored more than 400 scientific and research publications: monographs (including in co-authorship), study guides, manuals, papers in research peer-reviewed journals listed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

He has been qualified for the following grants:
•    Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Moscow, in 2010 and 2011);
•    National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, in 2013),
•    I.M. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (Moscow, in 2012 and 2013).

He was conferred the following honorary titles:
•    Honoured Attorney of the Penza Region (2019) included in the Honours Book of the Chamber of Attorneys in the Penza Region;
•    Merited Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation (2018);
•    Merited Lawyer of the Penza Region (2013).

Gleb Sintsov is a multiple laureate and winner of all-Russian and international competitions in the field of law. In 2011 he was awarded with the scientific scholarship of the Governor of the Penza Region for research and enormous contribution to the development of Russian science. He won the contest “Researcher of the Year 2017 in the Penza Region” in the category “Humanities and social sciences”. In 2019 he was the best in the category “For training research and teaching staff” and therefore he was designated in the book of merited lecturers of Russian higher education institutions “Glorious Names of Higher Education”. He has been presented with other state, agency-level and public awards for advances in research, teaching and social activity within the legal field.

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