Higher Doctorate

These are per annum course fees for 2017 - 2018 applicants

Course Code Course Title FEE (RUB)
05.02.08  Technology of Machine Building 105 000
05.11.01  Measuring Tools and Techniques (Electronic) 161 250
05.11.14  Technology of Instrument Production 161 250
05.11.16  Information and Measurement Systems and Control Systems (Technical) 161 250
05.13.01  System Analysis, Information Managing and Processing 105 000
05.13.05  Elements and Devices of Computing Techniques and Control Systems 161 250
05.13.06  Automation and Management of Industrial Processes and Production (Machine Building ) 161 250
05.13.10  Management in Social and Economic Systems 105 000
05.13.18  Mathematical Modelling , Numerical Techniques and Programme systems 161 250
05.16.09  Materials Sciences (Machine Building) 161 250
07.00.02  National History 97 500
08.00.05  Economics and Management of National Economy (in Sectors and Fields of Activities) 97 500

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