Steps of Admission

The Admission Rules are provided on the official university website (in Russian).

The procedure for submitting documents for training in 2020 is changed in order to reduce the threat of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 spread. Documents should be submitted remotely in the prospective student’s personal account at

For general admission information, please contact the International Education Office at +7(8412)202892 and/or


Step 1: Submitting the Application and Necessary Documents for Issuing Invitation for Entry into the Russian Federation

Currently, the issue of invitations to enter the Russian Federation has been suspended

To receive an invitation from Penza State University you need to submit an electronic application and scanned copies of necessary documents (see below) via our online form

1) passport (original document)
2) education document(s)
3) passport translation into the Russian language*
4) education document(s) translation into the Russian language*

* Translations have to be notarised in the Consulate (Consular Departments of the Embassy) of the Russian Federation in your country.

If you do not supply translation of passport and education documents when filling in the online application, it can be done upon arriving in the Russian Federation and applying to the Admissions Office (see Step 6). In this case you must address qualified translators and notarise documents translation. For translation services you may refer to the Language and Examination Centre.

Step 2: Receiving the Invitation and Applying for a Russian Visa

Average processing time for invitations is 25-30 days. When the invitation is ready we will send it to you by email.

On receiving the invitation, you have to contact the nearest Russian Federation Consulate (Consular departments of the Embassy) in your country to apply and receive a Russian visa. The description of a Russian visa application and a list of the Russian Consulates Worldwide is given at

Note that the passport that you will indicate in your visa application as your travel document has to be valid at least 18 months after the expected date of entering the Russian Federation. 

Education documents received abroad must be legalised by the Russian Federation Consulate after being legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state that issued the documents. For more information please visit the website of the National Information Centre.

It is also obligatory to follow the recognition procedure in the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science (Rosobrnadzor). More details are provided on the website.

Step 3: Preparing Migration Documents

The following documents are necessary when crossing the Russian Federation border:

1) original of the identity document (passport);
2) permit for entry and stay on the territory of the Russian Federation (visa);
3) migration card (filled on arrival in airports before passport control).

Step 4: Arriving in Russia

On receiving your visa, you have to buy air tickets to Moscow and travel tickets to Penza and inform the International Office for Education ( on the date of your arrival in Penza. You can travel from Moscow to Penza by air − from Domodedovo airport, by train − from Kazansky railway station or by coach, there are coach services at Shchelkovsky and Juzhnye Vorota bus terminals (More detailed information is given here).

If you want a university staff member to meet you at the airport, railway station or bus station in Penza, please inform the university ( on the date and time of your arrival, flight or train car number (the latter if possible). On receiving this information, you will obtain the confirmation from the Department of Student Accomodation with the details of meeting.

If you choose to travel to the university on your own, you need to get to hall of residence 6-1, which is located at 14 Krasnaya Street and apply to the Accomodation Department for International Students. For more detailed information please follow the link.

Step 5: Obtaining Migration Registration, Checking-in, Accommodating

On arrival in Penza, you have to apply for migration registration. To do this, you need to submit to the Department of Migration Control and Visa Support of the university (Penza, 37 Lermontova Street, building 11, office 356) the following documents: 

1) Original of a passport;
2) Notarised translation of a passport (If students and trainees do not have a passport translation upon arrival, they may refer to the Language and Examination Centre for translation services. Translation should be authorised by a notary);
3) 5 copies of a passport (It is necessary to copy all pages except for blank ones. Copies should be made on the same A4 sheet from two sides with two-page openings of a passport);
4) Original of a migration card with the border crossing mark;
5) 5 copies of a migration card with the border crossing mark;
6) Copy of a contract for paid educational services (If a student arrives from another higher education institution) or a referral to study (If a student is studying under the direction of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation);
7) Copy of a rental agreement or a certificate of ownership or an entry in the Unified State Register of Taxpayers (If a student or trainee does not live in PSU residence hall).

After migration registration you will be given an accommodation check-in form. 

Step 6: Submitting Entry Documents for Study

On arrival in Penza you have to apply to the Admissions Office of the university (Penza, 40 Krasnaya Street, building 8) and submit originals of the documents that had been uploaded during online application (step 1) and translations of these documents notarised according to the established procedure. In addition to the documents listed in Step 1, you need to have:

1) medical certificate stating the absense of dangerous infectious diseases;
2) HIV negative certificate (certificate is valid for three months since the date of medical testing);
3) vaccination card (vaccination certificate);
4) 6 (six) photos (3х4 cm) made on matte paper with the applicant surname written in pencil on the backside of each photo.

Foreign citizens who apply to Penza State University must have the certificates of preventive vaccination against:
– Diphtheria,
– Tetanus,
– Measles,
– Mumps (or epidemic parotitis),
– Rubella,
– Poliomyelitis (or polio),
– Viral hepatitis B.

The certificates should contain information about the date of vaccination, the name of the drug, the series of the drug and the injected dose.

If this information is unavailable or inadequate at the time of enrollment, it is obligatory to get vaccinated at the Clinical Medical Centre of Penza State University.

Step 7: Undergoing Medical Examination

During the first 3 days of your arrival in Penza you have to undergo medical examination at the University Clinical Centre, located at 26 Marshala Krylova Street (residence hall 5). If you already have medical insurance (voluntary health insurance certificate), which covers the costs of medical examination, then this procedure (medical check-up) is free for you. Seek advice on obtaining the medical insurance certificate in the Department of Migration Control and Visa Support or in the Admissions Office of the university.

Step 8: Facing Entrance Trials

To enter the university you have to go through entrance trials according to the established procedure of Entrance Regulations. After sucessfully completing the entrance trials, you will be admitted to the university and begin your studies on 1st September.

You do need to undergo entrance trials, if you would like to apply for preliminary training courses.

Step 9: University Enrollment

Enrollment administrative order is issued several days prior to the beginning of the academic year. The academic year for first-year students starts on 1st September, for the students of the Department of Preliminary Training - on 1st October.

Example of educational service contract


Students are enrolled only after confirmed payment of the university fee and the accommodation fee, as stated in the education agreement and the student accommodation agreement correspondingly.

We strongly recommend getting familiar with EDUCATIONAL REGULATIONS adopted at Penza State University. These REGULATIONS are approved by the Rector Order No. 869/O dated 1 October 2014 and amended by the Rector Order No. 1240/O dated 19 December 2016. You can read an extract from the REGULATIONS following this link.  

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