Penza State University offers comfortable on-campus accommodation in one of 7 modern residence halls.
There are shared bedrooms for 2-3 students with all basic necessities: comfortable furniture, bed linen, towels.
All the rooms meet health and safety criteria.


All the apartments are self-catering, the kitchens are equipped with cookers and microwave ovens. Cooking is fast and easy.
There are nice cafes and cafeteria on-campus and in the nearby area, they are priced moderately but those that are on-campus are the cheapest. Vegetarians and people with special dietary needs can find food to meet their requirements as well.


Cable TV and high-speed cable connection or Wi-Fi Internet are available. The buildings are within the 4G Internet coverage area.


If you are living on campus we guarantee your safety at any time of the day. There is video surveillance and security service in the residence halls.

Health & Wellness

The university hospital provides medical help, there are a few pharmacies in the vicinity.
There are excellent sport facilities on the campus and inside the residence halls. These include running tracks and sports playgrounds, swimming pool, and in-door gyms.
There are also special recreation and study rooms for common use.

Shopping & Entertainment

All residence halls have easy access to transport links. You can reach any part of the city by bus or mini-bus.
People in Penza prefer doing shopping in big stores and supermarkets, food shopping is good at the big market place in the city centre.

Counselling & Guidance

If you have any problems concerning your stay in the residence hall, we offer counselling and guidance. Contact Head of Department of Student Accommodation, tel: +7 (8412) 54-80-15.

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