Services provided by the University clinical medical centre

Medical specialists consultation

 1 attendance (examination, consultation) of a medical specialist
 2 extended colposcopy
 3 inserting intrauterine device (without the cost of the intrauterine device)
 4 removing the intrauterine device without curettage

Laboratory tests

Biochemical blood test
Code, title of the service
 1 albumin
 2 urea
 3 creatinine
 4 glucose
 5 total cholesterol
 6 HDL-cholesterol
 7 triglycerides
 8 total bilirubin
 9 amylase
 10 alkaline phosphatase
 11 AST
 12 calcium
 13 phosphorus
 14 rheumatoid factor
 15 ALT
 16 uric acid
 17 reactive protein
 18 test of cancer antigen (СА-125)
 19 test of carcino-embryonic antigen (СЕА)
 20 test of alpha-fetoprotein level in blood serum
 21 prostate specific antigen
 22 laboratory oncologic screening procedure for women
 23 laboratory oncologic screening procedure for men
 24 glycohemoglobin blood test
 25 HIV blood test
 26 syphilis blood test
 27 hepatisis C blood test
 28 hepatisis B blood test
 29 free thyroxine level test in the blood serum (T4)
 30 thyroid stimulating hormone blood test (TSH)
 31 general blood test
 32 clinical urine analysis
 33 microscopic test of vaginal smear (full analysis with investigating pathogenic flora)
 34 HPV screening test
 35 STD test (of one infection)
 36 STD test (of two and more infections simultaneously)
 37 plasma clotting time activated by kaolin and kephalin (APPT)
 38 fibrinogen level blood test
 39 feces general analysis (stool test)
 40 feces analysis for helminth eggs