Penza: A Practical Guide

Continent Europe
Country Russia
Area 304, 7 km2
Population 519 900 people
Ethnic groups Russian, Tatar, Mordvin, Ukrainian, Chuvash, Armenian, Belorussian, Azerbaijani, German, Jews
Currency Ruble (RUB)
Dialing Code        +7 8412
Electricity 220V AC, European two-pin plugs are standard
Transport bus, minibus, trolleybus, taxi
Traffic right-hand


Penza from a bird's eye view

Welcome to Penza, a cosmopolitan city that keeps its historical traditions, but grows rapidly and has become a centre of science and education, culture and sport. If you come to Penza, you will be stunned by welcoming  atmosphere, hospitality and friendliness of local people.

Much is being done to preserve and restore many of our monuments of architecture, history and culture. The town has quite a number of landmarks worth seeing, including Rostok, the city symbol, Original Settler’s Monument, War Memorial.


Our compact city centre is easy to explore, just walkdown the main street -  Moskovskaya - which is apedestrian area and enjoy historical buildings, a musical fountain, a famous cuckoo clock and visit a number of small shops and huge department stores such as Vysshaya Liga, Arbat, Passazh. The Drama Theatre is also in this street. Its repertoire includes some of the best works of notable Russian and foreign dramatists.

The Drama Theatre

There are some fantastic restaurants in Penza. You can also have lunch at one of the many picturesque cafes in the centre of the city. The food is usually very good and the cost is moderate.

Penza is noted for its unique and varied cultural life. There are a lot of wonderful museumsand concert halls to suit all ages, tastes, and budgets. Among the most interesting museums are Savitsky art-gallery, the Museum of one Painting, Local History museum and Folk Crafts Museum. Lermontov museum which is situated 260 km from Penza in Tarkhany is a real treasure and pride of Penza people. Its display acquaints the visitors with the life and literary work of a famous Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov. The family estate is kept functioning in the same way as it was in the 19th century – an amazing sight!


Can’t live without sophisticated music? No problem. There are several concert halls offering regularly updated repertoire of classical, jazz, folk  and modern music. From virtuoso violinists to bagpipers – everything is at hand. Are you crazy for rock or alternative music? Go to noisy concerts of touring stars or join the group of like-minded individuals in musical cafés.

If you’re looking for a sporting break in Penza, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide range of sports and adventurous activities to try, such as bowling, swimming, biking, tennis, carting, skiing, ice-skating, rollerblading and many others. The stadiums with well-equipped sports grounds, tennis courts and swimming pools provide excellent opportunities for those who go in for sports.

Open-air swimming pool

Penza is a rather big city, but the nightlife isn’t as crazy as in Moscow, but there are some good night clubs, trendy dance clubs, cafés, bars, karaoke that work all night long and offer good entertainment.

Penza is very beautiful, especially in spring. The largest park is Belinsky Park located near Penza State University. Many students are tempted to skip their classes and take a leisurely walk in this magnificent park.


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