French Language Centre

The French Language Centre at Penza State University has been functioning since November 2014. It is an educational site for students studying French. The centre get hold of many authentic materials dedicated to France. Any Penza citizen can come here, regardless of the level of training, and improve his language skills. Centre regular visitors and guests regularly hold various events, initiate discussions, making joint film screenings, conduct thematic classes. In the centre you can obtain information about the Embassy cooperation programmes for academics and students.

The French Language Centre is extremely popular with pupils of Penza schools. The students at the department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages often give interactive classes using modern multimedia equipment for pupils. Thus, future teachers practice new methods of teaching and learning a foreign language, use new technologies at the Centre, so that pupils can make a virtual trip across France and plunge into French culture.

The French Language Centre formed the community called Club Francophone. The members of the community are Russian and foreign students of PSU. While communicating they introduce each other to features, traditions, history and culture of French-speaking countries and Russia, and also improve their French communication skills. Such meetings and live communication is a real practice of Russian and French, which, in its turn, will facilitate the adaptation of French-speaking students in Russian cultural space.

Head of the Centre
Elena Shibanova,
Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
37 Lermontova Street, building No. 11, room 481
Tel.: +7 909 317 56 29

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