Joint Research Projects

Research Institute of International Medical Center Japan
Joint research in nano-medicine:
'Extrinsic Light Absorption in Structures With Quantum Dots'
'Method of Growth-controlled Quantum Dots of Colloidal Gold'
Nano-optics laboratory based in Penza State University, Department of Physics
The UK
Infonomic Society
'Developing Student Value Attitude to Reasoning and its Integration into Teaching'
Edith Cowan University
Kaye Academic College of Education
Joint research:
'Transforming Educational System to Meet the Demands of 21st Century: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. A Comparative Analysis National Reform Initiatives in Teacher Education'
Schneider Electric
Setting up research laboratory
Jagiellonian University
Joint project:
'Purifying Waste Water of Electroplating Plants'
Vortex Technologies Ltd
Joint studies of technologies and equipment for airconditioniong
The University of the West Indies, Trinidad School of Education
Joint project:
'Educational Strategy and Technologies: Traditions and Nowadays'
Kazakh National Technical University after K.I. Satpayev
Joint projects:
'Development and Application of Existing Trial Model of On-line System for Biometric Anonymization of Electronic Medical Records';
'Development Of Basic Model Of Floting Type And Submerged Mobile Micro Hydroelectric Power Stations with Low-speed Electrical Generators';
'Testing and Development of Experimental Model of Volumetric Flow Rate Gauge on The Basis of Hydrolic Actuator'


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