Academic and Technology Group ‘Novy Vostok’, Russian-Chinese Centre for Develepment of Culture and Education, Haidian

    • students’ training and study trips
    • setting up “Russian International School” in China

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Gansu Association for International Friendly Contact

    • joint educational, research and culture projects
    • professional education for Chinese citizens in Penza (all levels)
    • academic mobility programmes
    • distance learning programmes

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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

    • bachelor, master and post-graduate student training
    • academic and learning processes management

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Lanzhou University

    • cooperation in the field of education and culture
    • promoting learning of the Chinese language
    • development of language learning technologies

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Wuhan Textile University

    • academic mobility programmes
    • joint educational programmes
    • joint research
    • exchange of academic staff, teachers and students
    • joint conferences, symposia, exhibitions, workshops and seminars.

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