Activity of the International Students Association of the Penza Region

The International Students Association (ISA) of the Penza region is the youth student organisation that brings together international students in Penza. The activities of the ISA are implemented with the support of the International Education Office (Penza State University) in close coordination with the Department of Student Affairs (International Education Office, Penza State University). The association is established on the basis of Penza State University.

The International Students Association of the Penza region operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Federal law “On non-profit organisations”, and other legislation in force, as well as the accepted principles and rules of international law and the present Statute (in Russian).

Goal and objectives of the ISA

The ISA is dedicated to unite foreign nationals studying in the higher educational institutions of the Penza region. The objectives are as follows:
•    Enhancing and broadening mutual understanding in the field of education between universities administration, foreign citizens, their non-profit organisations and government authorities of the Russian Federation, public authorities in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;
•    Promoting mutual understanding and friendship between students representing different states and nationalities;
•    Introducing initiatives on various academic and non-educational issues, submitting proposals to the administration of the higher educational institutions;
•    Launching different projects, holding workshops, round-table discussions and meetings.

The association focuses on two directions: intra-university and extra-university.

Intra-university activities of the ISA include:
•    Creating conditions for rapid adaptation of international students at the university, arranging meeting of newcomers with their compatriots studying at the university;
•    Reporting to the university administration on social problems faced by international students and seeking joint solutions;
•    Collaborating closely with all divisions at the university;
•    Monitoring the quality of education provided to international students;
•    Implementing the existing projects in the new format;
•    Organising conferences, round-table discussions and research competitions;
•    Encouraging health lifestyle among international students through sports events;
•    Arranging city tours and excursions to museums and other regional sights across the Penza region.

Intra-university activities of the ISA involve:
•    Cooperating with non-governmental associations of Penza;
•    Collaborating with charity foundations, rendering assistance to orphan asylums and holding fundraising concerts;
•    Working with Penza schools while organising joint events aimed at introducing schoolchildren to international students.

The International Students Association of the Penza region in conjunction with the Department of Student Affairs (International Education Office, Penza State University) has developed several projects, e.g. “Lessons of Friendship”, “ISA factor”, “Gratitude for Veterans”.


Interactive and educational meetings with Penza schoolchildren “Lessons of Friendship”


Within the project “Lessons of Friendship” launched in 2012, international students of Penza State University annually participate in interactive and educational meetings with Penza schoolchildren. These meetings are arranged by the International Education Office (PSU) and the International Students Association of the Penza region.

The project is aimed at socialising international students and promoting tolerance. The project is designed to provide Penza schoolchildren with first-hand knowledge of cultures and traditions existing in different countries.

Additionally, the project “Lessons of Friendship” is a component of social adaptation of international students studying at PSU. During such lessons foreign citizens are able not only to improve their Russian language skills, but also to accustom to a strange country through communicating with local residents. Arranging such interactive and educational meetings with schoolchildren enables foreigners to adapt and socialise with young locals effectively. International students make presentations about their cultures and traditions, daily life, national and state symbols, nature and sights, cuisine and recipes, literature and outstanding cultural figures.

In 2014 the project was one of the winners in the contest “Rector’s grants”.

Over the years, international students have given the “Lessons of Friendship” in such schools of Penza, as:

V.G. Belinsky classical gymnasium No. 1

Provincial lyceum for gifted children

Secondary general school No. 71

Secondary general school No. 64

Economic lyceum No. 29

Secondary general school No. 35


Secondary general school No. 47


Schools in Penza have been attended by international students representing India, Yemen, Nigeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, China, Chad, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Germany, the UAE and others.


Creativity competition for international attendees of PSU preparatory courses “ISA factor”


The project “ISA factor” was launched during the 2015-2016 academic year by the International Students Association of the Penza region with the support of the Department of Student Affairs (International Education Office, Penza State University) and with assistance from academics of the preparatory division at Penza State University.

The project is aimed at identifying gifted and talented youth among foreign citizens attending preparatory courses at Penza State University. At this stage of studies, the project facilitates the process of their adaptation, integration and socialisation in the Russian student community through close interaction with senior students from ISA.

This insures further development of cross-cultural communication between individuals from various countries. The project “ISA factor” is the driving force for the listeners of the preparatory courses where they are able to demonstrate their creativity. It is the first stage in the process of their self-fulfilment and further integration in the academic community of the university.

“ISA factor”  -2016

“ISA factor” - 2017

"ISA faktor" - 2018

Memorial event “Gratitude for Veterans”


On 9 May, the International Students Association of the Penza region annually holds the memorial event “Gratitude for Veterans” to commemorate the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The event is aimed at spiritual and moral development of international students. The students lay floral tributes near the Eternal flame of the Victory memorial, thus they pay their respect to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

During those harsh years, people of various nationalities and ages rose up for the struggle against the Nazi invaders. The Russians, Qazaqs, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbeks, Moldavians, Georgians, Turkmen, and other peoples of the USSR fought for peace and freedom. The war spared nobody, broke in every house, and affected each family. Therefore, it is logical that the descendants of those warriors, who struggled shoulder to shoulder, come to the Victory memorial to honour the fallen soldiers performed the great feats. As a sign of respect, young people give flowers to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and, in return, they communicate with true legends.

Contacts of the International Students Association of the Penza region:
Address: 440026, Penza, 2b Marshala Krylova Str., dormitory No. 5, first floor

Official group of the ISA of the Penza region in Vkontakte (In Russian)

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