Student Creativity

During the year the university holds a number of cultural events where students can show their artistic talents, performing skills or intellectual abilities. Participation in these events helps to build a friendlier student community, maintain good relations with teachers and administrative staff of the university, integrate into the local culture and establish long-lasting friendship with students of various faculties.

Both local and international students take part in university ‘Spring Talent Festival’, ‘Fresher’s Show’, ‘Intellect and Wit Battle’. Students living in halls of residence conduct regular contests in creativity and interior design. Student leaders work jointly in the union ‘Impulse’. 



International events always attract enthusiastic viewers as they are really colourful and enjoyable: culture marathon ‘See the World within Two Terms’, student festival ‘Dialogue of Cultures’, celebration of New Year International, special greeting and graduation ceremonies.



Student leaders take part in various national and international youth forums and conferences: Caspian Youth Forum (Astrakhan), ‘Ogarev Colours’ (Saransk), International Youth Forum Interseliger (Lake Seliger, the Tver region), International Camp ‘Dialogue’ (the Kaluga region).


Students take frequent journeys to picturesque places of the Penza region, visit historical sites: Tarkhany Estate (birthplace of a famous Russian poet M.Yu.Lermontov), Narovchat Monastery Caves (medieval underground structures). 



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