Russian Language Tests for Foreign Nationals Who Apply for RF Citizenship

Russian language testing for foreign nationals who apply for Russian citizenship is conducted once or twice a month as soon as the group of exam applicants if ready. 

Before testing, exam applicants must call the Centre, give their details and agree on the date. Telephone: 8 (8412) 54-83-86.

Prior to the test, the centre organizes pre-exam instruction, that is aimed at explaining the key structure of the exam, signing a services contract with the exam applicants, and setting the date of the exam.

The testing includes 5 sub-tests:

  1. sub-test “Vocabulary. Grammar”,
  2. sub-test “Writing”,
  3. sub-test “Reading”,
  4. sub-test “Listening”,
  5. sub-test “Speaking”,

Test fees are 6,000 roubles.

The certificates are issued within 14-16 days from the day of the testing.

Foreign nationals and stateless persons receive the documents at the Centre:

  • certificates, if testing results are satisfactory (each sub-test with minimum 66% of correct answers);
  • notices, in case testing results are unsatisfactory.

Fee-based test preparation courses in the Russian Language are organized on demand. Course duration - from 1 week to 3 months.

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