Detailed Information on Exam Requirements

According to the Federal Law “Legal Status of Foreign Nationals in the Russian Federation” (№ 74-ФЗ, adopted on April 20th, 2014) all foreign nationals when applying for temporary or permanent residence, work permit or work licence (employment with individual persons) are required to confirm their knowledge of the Russian language, Russian history and laws.

The certificate of Russian Language proficiency, knowledge of Russian history and the basics of RF laws serves as a legal proof. The certificate is issued to foreign nationals who successfully pass the corresponding exam in certified centres of educational institutions.

By the order of the Minisitry of Education and Science of the RF “Statement of the Form and Procedure of the Examination on Russian as a Foreign Language, Russian History and Basics of RF Laws. Threshold requirements.” (№ 1156 adopted on August 29th, 2014) the following minimum requirements are set for successful completion of the exam.

Foreign nationals are required to have the following Russian language skills:

  • read short texts containing promotional or other information (e.g. short notices, signs, public notices, interviews, short texts with country-specific information), determine the topic of the text, undertand the key and secondary information in social, everyday, cultural and official spheres of communication;
  • fill in forms, questionaires (e.g. postal and bank forms), write applications (e.g. job application, school application for a child), understand and differentiate between texts of various genres - official, professional and everyday life situatios.
  • understand oral speech - the main content of a monologue/dialogue taken from social, everyday, business and professional spheres of communication.
  • deliver logically coherent speech according to the communicative task and on the suggested topic; take part in discussions in the limited range of situations of social, everyday, business and professional spheres of communication.
  • Foreign nationals are required to know the following aspects of Russian history:
  • major events in the Russian history, dates and chronology of major events, related historical and cultural landmarks;
  • national, cultural and religious traditions of the Russian community;
  • names of major political and statespeople in Russia, their contribution into the development of Russian society and world culture.

Foreign nationals are required to understand the following aspects of RF laws:

  • the basics of RF Constitution;
  • basic rights, freedoms and duties of foreign nationals in the RF;
  • entrance and immigration rules, staying in the RF;
  • the basics of civil, family and labour laws of the RF;
  • communication procedures with the government bodies of the RF;
  • the basics of legal responsibilities of foreign nationals in the RF;
  • communication procedures for foreign nationals with embassy representatives and/or consular institutions of the RF.
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