Summer School

The Institute of International Cooperation offers summer language courses of Russian as a foreign language.

Course Details

Summer School enjoys growing popularity due to their blend of learning experience with the wide range of leisure, sports and sightseeing activities.

Highly qualified teachers engage their students in active learning, encouraging their students to communicate in the only language media – Russian.

On entering the course, the students’ knowledge is assessed to ensure placement at the appropriate level – complete beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced.

Specific subjects of the programme vary according to the level:

Beginner and elementary level: practical courses of Russian, Russian Grammar, Russian Phonetics

Intermediate and advanced level: Spoken Russian, Elements of Phonetics, Russian Grammar, Literature and Culture.

Each student’s progress is monitored throughout the course, and on successful completion of the course participants are awarded a certificate.


The courses run from the 1st July to the 31st August.

Course Schedule

Russian classes
personal tuition
team games
Russian classes
sport activities/swimming
karaoke night
theatre programme
Russian classes
personal tuition
video night
Russian classes
Russian classes
sport activities/swimming
dance night
full-day excursion/sightseeing


Students are accommodated in comfortable halls of residence, shared rooms for 2 and 3 people are available, with all necessary kitchen and cooking appliances, modern equipment, TV, telephone, broadband internet.

Extra-curricular Activities

The real jewels of the programme  are, in fact, extra-curricular activities – various sports events in one of numerous gyms or in the open air; walking tours in picturesque places; cultural trips – visiting local museums and a very good art gallery; a tour to the museum-estate Tarkhany, a birth-place of a famous Russian poet where every corner breathes history. On all these trips students are accompanied by one of the teachers.

All these activities help the students make new friends and at the same time maximize their learning outcome, as they have the opportunity to feel real Russian.


Tuition fee for 1 month study is 11 000 roubles – about $350.

Housing and excursions are not included and have to be paid for separately.


To get the letter of invitation to study please send via e-mail ( or the photocopy of your passport (with a notarized translation into Russian).

It takes about one month to get the letter of invitation.

On arrival the following documents are required:

1) passport
2) migration card
3) visa
4) medical certificate
5) six 3x4 cm photographs on mat paper

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