Associate Professor from University of Alba Iulia, Romania: Our universities have close ties

26.05.2017 16:50

On May 16 – 20, 2017 Valeriya-Mariya Piorash, Associate Professor from University of Alba Iulia (Romania), carried out research and methodology internship at the Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, Belinsky Institute of Teacher Education, Penza State University. The internship was arranged within Erasmus+ Academic Mobility Programme implemented by the International Relations Office, PSU.

“Erasmus+ Programme is crucially important for our university; we exchange students and teaching staff with the EU universities. The programme is aimed at promoting cooperation in education, professional training, youth and sport from 2014 to 2020. It is designed to become an effective tool for providing development of human and social capital in Europe and beyond its borders. Exchange programmes give the opportunities to study, carry out internships and give lectures in other countries. The duration of study or internship may vary from 3 months to 1 year,” Olga V. Meshcheryakova, Head of the International Relations Office, PSU, explained.

Associate Professor Valeriya-Mariya Piorash gave a lecture “Borrowings into Romanian language of the XIX century from French and Russian languages” for the students in the major “German language. French language”. She also discussed the issues of teaching French language with teaching staff from the Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and students.

“Valeriya-Mariya Piorash is not the first international lecturer at our department. For example last year we had a lecturer who conducted an internship within Fulbright programme. The involvement of foreign lecturers is favourable both for teaching staff and students: future teachers realise how rich the modern language is. We are able to share experience with our colleagues without leaving the working place,” emphasized Ekaterina Yu. Aleshina, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages.

The festival “Dialogue of Cultures” made a special impression on Valeriya-Mariya Piorash where she took part as an honoured guest.

“Our universities have close ties and I hope that they will be tightened. It was a pleasure to work in Penza. My internship was conducted in warm and friendly atmosphere. I was glad that students tried not to squander an opportunity to practice foreign languages with me. They wrote down the most difficult cases of pronunciation and phraseological units. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the department teaching staff, they helped me to adapt in Penza, they prepared rich entertainment programme and acquainted me with the city. The festival “Dialogue of Cultures” is not only an indicator of competent work with foreign students that is carried out by the university administration, but also an example of how to establish cross-cultural relations for preserving fragile peace,” the guest shared.