PSU students: Medical internship in DIAKO clinics (Germany) is of great value

31.07.2017 10:21

Four students of Medical Institute, Penza State University, started their medical internship in clinics DIAKO in Flensburg (Germany). Ilya Levashov, Aleksey Moshensky, Valentina Podoynitsyna and Petr Grechishkin shared their first impressions.

Students especially highlighted hospitality demonstrated by their German colleagues. They are in the departments of clinic from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily, where they completely immerse in usual working hours of a doctor. In surgical departments, they fully assist in operations, the mentors devote much time to them, explaining various twists and turns of medical practice in their fields if study.

Svetlana Krechmar, President of the city of Flensburg, invited PSU students to the City Hall where they were honoured to make records in the “Golden Book” of the city of Flensburg. During the meeting, the students shared emotions of pursuing internship and communicating with Flensburg citizens.

The only difficulty the students faced, especially in the first two days, was the need for ongoing speaking in German, as it was their first trip abroad. However, they note that day by day it became easier to understand and communicate in German as they completed intensive German language courses.  Moreover, authentic language environment and constant conversation with native speakers contributed to this.

PSU Students emphasize that this medical practice is of great value, as they were given opportunities to gain vast experience in providing medical care in German clinics under the supervision of experienced mentors. What is more, they are able to improve their command of the German language, get acquainted with culture and traditions of Germany.

The medical internship of students, which began on July 17, will last until August 18, 2017. It is planned that they will give the benefit of their experience in the context of the V Congress “Flensburg-Penza” on September 15, 2017. The programme of the congress will be posted on the university’s website later and you will be able to take part in congress events, listen to the opinion of our students-interns, and ask questions.

Should you have questions concerning participating in this programme or enrolling in intensive German courses, please do not hesitate to contact Tatiana Al. Razuvaeva, coordinator of the exchange programme with DIAKO clinics and Head of Language and Examination Centre (email:

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