E-project with European University of Flensburg (Germany) completed

18.12.2017 15:53

From 1 November to 12 December 2017, students from the group 14ИПС1 (Bachelor’s degree programme “German Language and French Language”) under the supervision of Tatyana Razuvaeva, Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, participated in the tandem project with students from European University of Flensburg (Germany). The project was entitled “Cross-cultural aspects of lyrical works”.

Within the project, the students analysed German lyric poems devoted to a particular topic and discussed the obtained results with tandem partners from German university every week.

On 12 December, the final Skype meeting was held with students from European University of Flensburg, which reviewed the key results of their work. The participants emphasised that this project proved extremely positive.

PSU students got acquainted not only with German poetry of Minnesang epoch, but also with some works of modern German poets. They also studied various approaches to analysing verses. Moreover, the students had the opportunity to communicate with native speakers and to examine different views and positions of German literary critics.

The students from European University of Flensburg were able to learn the existing views on German verses presented by the representatives of another language culture, as well as to analyse some lyrical works of Russian poets.

All participants highlighted the need to implement such projects aimed at mutual intercultural exchange, promoting cultural contacts between Russia and Germany. In April 2018, several project participants from European University of Flensburg under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jorn Brockmann will visit our university.