Study tour: PSU delegation visits Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

31.01.2018 16:04

From 22 to 26 January 2018, the delegation from Penza State University undertook a study tour to Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. That tour was made possible owning to the assistance from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Russia within the project “Green Campus – Green City”.

Three PSU students Nikita Aravin, Ilya Skiba and Yury Batusov presented their projects to German experts. The students were commended for the work performed. It is planned that the achievements of Nikita Aravin will be integrated in the research project. If the project is supported, the student will be able to continue his research work under the supervision of German academics at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences.

Moreover, the agreements were reached on the application for academic mobility within Erasmus+ Programme and the arrangement of practice for PSU students at enterprises in Flensburg and its environs.

PSU Associate Professor Sergey Golobokov delivered the report on “Thermal imaging monitoring of power facilities”, which culminated in the discussion.

During their visit, Penza delegates attended the university laboratories, turbine room, Centre of wind power, and Centre of marine studies. They also participated in the discussion of research projects developed by German students. PSU representatives visited several enterprises in Flensburg, e.g. GP Joule and Stadtwerke Flensburg.

Both parties confirmed their intention to promote cooperation within academic and scientific activity. The next step is the participation in the 6th Flensburg-Penza Congress that will be held in Flensburg on 24 – 27 September 2018. PSU academics are supposed not only to deliver reports, but also to give lectures to German students and academics. The participants of the congress will also discuss joint research projects.

Penza State University expresses its gratitude for the opportunity and excellent organisation of this tour to Ellen von Zitzewitz, counsellor of the Embassy of Germany in Moscow, Prof. Dr. Bosco Lehr, Vice Rector for International Affairs at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Janntje Bohlke-Itzen, Head of the International Office, Swetlana Kratzschmar, President of Flensburg, Prof. Dr. Antje Labes, Prof. Dr. Jens Born, and Martina Carstensen.

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