International students of PSU tell about their cultures

05.01.2018 15:42

On 4 January 2018 two projects “Lessons of Friendship” led by PSU Institute for International Cooperation and “Dialogue of Generations – Dialog der Generationen – Deutscher Akzent” maintained by the Regional German National and Cultural Autonomy in the Penza Region were combined within the cross-cultural event held in V.V. Volodarsky health resort.

International students from India, Mali and Kyrgyzstan presented reports on their cultures and traditions to Russian Germans attended the event.  The event aroused considerable interest among Russian Germans come from 9 Volga Region cities and resulted in a lively discussion. They virtually peppered the international students with questions.

“Aligning values by promoting mutual interests and joint activities, acquainting with representatives of other nations and cultures and advancing cross-cultural dialogue are the goals set for our students,” Svetlana Dogadina, events coordinator at PSU Institute for International Cooperation, noted.

For their part, the representatives of the German autonomy taught the participants how to perform their national dances.

The students from India impressed schoolchildren and other participants with mehndi art.

“We were fascinated to know that there are Germans in the Volga Region who are not foreigners in Russia unlike us. We are pleased that the national autonomy preserves its language and culture. In my opinion, it is crucially important for representatives of any nation,” Rohit Patil, 5-year student of PSU Medical Institute, emphasised.

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