The Malaysian University delegation visits PSU

28.10.2019 09:29

The delegation from International Islamic University of Malaysia visited Penza State University on 24th October, Thursday. The delegation contained: the University professors Adesta Erry Yulian Triblas, Hazlin Binty Anuar, Maskuri Bin Yaakob,  Nurasikin Binti Samat,  Zuraida Binti Ahmad, as well as Samaha Bashir, Chairman of the National Arab-Russian Association.

The representatives of International Islamic University got acquainted with Penza State University: they went on excursion around the main building of PSU, visited the University museum and Polytechnic museum where they had a meeting with the management of PSU.

“Penza State University is a strategic partner for us. It is a convenient, modern, compact university where representatives from many countries are currently studying. We hope that the number of partners will increase”, said Samaha Bashir, Chairman of the National Arab-Russian Association.

According to Dmitriy Artamonov, First Vice Rector of PSU, international cooperation plays an important role in globalization of modern education.

“1,700 students from more than 48 countries are studying at PSU. We hope that after your visit, students from Malaysia will live and study in Penza”, Dmitriy Artamonov expressed his hope.

At the end of the meeting the Universities representatives exchanged memorial souvenirs.

Professor Adesta Erry Yulian Triblas delivered a lecture for the Polytechnic Institute students entitled “Designing production systems, high-speed mechanized processing and 3D printing”.

After visiting PSU the guests from Malaysia got acquainted with Penza sights and laid flowers at the monument of military and labour glory.

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