Teachers of German who had a training at PSU started their internship in Germany

13.11.2019 09:17

Six teachers of the German language from the Penza Region schools went to have their professional training in Germany. They all finished the PSU programme of studies “Theoretical and practical principles of education in linguistics (English/German)”.

In order to have the right to study at DID Deutch-Institute in Berlin the teachers had to demonstrate the highest score in the final test. 60 teachers of foreign languages took part in the programme.

From 9 to 24 November (two weeks) the winners will develop their professional qualification communicating with native speakers.

“The international internship programme involves participating in different linguistic workshops, studying the patterns of new individual styles of teaching German, studying new linguistic methods of teaching and analyzing the training materials. It is a great opportunity for communicating with foreign colleagues”, says Olga Meshcheryakova, Head of the International Relations Office.

Let’s note that the regional project for foreign languages teachers’ internship is being implemented under the authority of Ivan Belozertsev, Governor of the Penza Region. The project is already three years old, but this is the first time when teachers of German will undergo the internship.

The university initiatives on implementing mentor projects in developing school teachers’ professional level are also supported at the federal level, and specifically, under the national project “Education”. In particular, the relevance of ongoing education was discussed at the Federation Council round table which took place on 7 November and was dedicated to the current state and perspectives of pedagogical education development.

Having emphasized the Federal project “New opportunities for everyone”, Marina Borovskaya, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, said that by 2024 the number of citizens annually taking ongoing education programmes in higher education organizations will have reached three million.

Penza State University has won a scholarship of 9,132,680 roubles under the project “Teaching citizens in ongoing education programmes in educational organizations which implement supplementary educational programmes and vocational education programmes” and is undertaking the mission of integrating educational needs in the region.