Nagima Zhyrgalbek from Kyrgyzstan is the winner of “Miss World. Folk Queen-2019” at PSU

20.11.2019 08:53

On 18th November, the 5th International Beauty Contest among international students “Miss World. Folk Queen – 2019” took place at Penza State University. It was organized by the International Education Office, PSU. Not only does the contest allow us to identify the most talented students, but also to choose the winner who will represent the University at the National Contest “The World Pearl”.

Representatives of 9 countries took part in the contest: China, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, India, and Egypt. The contestants prepared for the event for a long time. The girls presented their performances for introducing themselves, video-interviews, defile in national costumes and evening dresses, as well as “The dance of the world”, in which all the participants joined together.

As a result, the winners in the following categories are:

Miss Creativity – Hitijahubessi Viktoria Jois (Indonesia);
Miss Grace – Zhyrgalbek Nagima (Kyrzyzstan);
Miss Kindness – Khallyeva Rugsat (Turkmenistan);
Miss Naturalness – Botros Mahrail Mayez Monir (Egypt);
Miss Charm – Guo Faier (China);
Miss Originality – Dembele Diety (Mali);
Miss Ambition – Kendjaeva Sharifakhon (Tajikistan);
Miss Intelligence – Alamin Hassan Hamed Randa (Sudan);
Miss Elegance – Parmar Saloniben Rajubhai (India);
Miss Photo - Parmar Saloniben Rajubhai (India).

Special prizes were awarded to two contestants. Khallyeva Rugsat from Turkmenistan got a prize from the Contest partner “Most-Radio”; in the opinion of Information Policy and Public Relations Office of PSU the best was Hitijahubessi Viktoria Jois from Indonesia.

The bronze was given to Alamin Hassan Hamed Randa from Sudan; the silver to Khallyeva Rugsat from Turkmenistan. The title “Miss World. Folk Queen – 2019” was conferred to Zhyrgalbek Nagima from Kyrzyzstan.

“This victory is not only my personal achievement, but also an opportunity to represent my country. Penza State University has become my second home. Here I am getting professional education and also expressing my creative potential”, said the contest winner.

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