Students of the Institute of International Cooperation took part in the youth talent contest "Fresher"

20.11.2020 11:24

On November 17, the results of the annual competition "Fresher - 2020" were summed up. This year, due to the current epidemic situation, it was held in an online format. The jury consisted of experts from various fields of culture: musicians, vocalists, choreographers, videographers, journalists, etc.

The Institute of International Cooperation was represented by the first-year students Inri Reik (music genre), who got 8.0 points, and Nino Valles Andri Natalya (dancing), who got 6.5 points and won in the category “Preservation of cultural heritage and development of cross-cultural dialogue.”

We congratulate our freshers on the successful start of their creative life and invite you to enjoy their performances! (watch the video at