Results of international competition for Green Campus – Green City projects summed up

30.12.2020 09:50

In December 2020, the results of the international competition for research projects within Green Campus – Green City were announced. The competition was held jointly with Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) for Penza State University students and Penza schoolchildren. The winners and prize-winners were selected by an expert jury of professors from the German university chaired by Prof. Dr. Antje Labes.

The competition winners are:

•    Schoolchildren Samira Urazgildeyeva and Anastasiya Lazutina from Penza gymnasium no. 44, who initiated the project on cleaning and landscaping the shore of the Sura Reservoir for a pleasant and proper outdoor recreation;
•    Students Yuliya Zhuravleva (Zakharova) and Timur Vedeneyev from PSU group no. 18ME1, who conceived the project “Biomass circulation in urban environments”.

Among the prize-winners are Timur Zinchenko (project “Development of an information management system for the synthesis of transparent conductive oxides for solar cells and electrochromic panels”), Polina Sipyagina and Yekaterina Korneyeva (project “Exercise bike with electric pumpback”), Georgy Trifonov and Kristina Stepanova (project “Processing of forest zone waste into gas fuel”), and Aleksey Divnenko and Artem Lebedyantsev (project “Energy saving lamp recycling technology”).

The projects on applied environmental problems, which aimed at addressing the specific issues of environmental protection and environmental engineering on the campus of the university and in the city of Penza, were submitted for the competition.

The competition was held within the cooperation between Penza State University and Flensburg University of Applied Sciences under the patronage of the German Federal Foreign Office. Unfortunately, the spread of the COVID-19 infection and its negative effects made adjustments to the schedule and format of the competition. The award ceremony was planned to take place in November 2020 in the city of Flensburg in the presence mode funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

However, the competition organising committee hopes that 2021 will allow working on further development of the selected project proposals and their authors will be able to advance their ideas and collaborate with German students, schoolchildren and experts from Flensburg. The partners expect that it will be possible to present the projects results to European experts in person within the 8th Penza-Flensburg Congress, which is scheduled for late September 2021 in Flensburg.