ENTEP project: Fifth group of PSU teachers passed professional development course

18.02.2021 10:47

For the fifth time, the Centre for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+ became the platform for running the professional development course “Enhancing teaching practices at PSU”. The course is offered for teaching and administrative staff of Penza State University in the context of introducing the Bologna Process.

The modules were given in the distance mode. However, that did not stop the trainees from engaging in contact work, discussing topical issues and analysing challenges of teaching enhancement. They represented various departments and study fields (ranging from Teacher Training to Engineering). That enabled the trainees to exchange good teaching practices, overview up-to-date methods of teaching various disciplines and share their know-how. The trainers (Olga Androsova, Tatiana Glotova, Svetlana Vlazneva, Irina Kolchugina and Tatiana Razuvaeva) noted great interest and strong motivation of the trainees, as well as joint and active work within the course.

In addition to the issues of designing curricula and programmes caused by the introduction of the FSES 3++, the trainees mastered innovative approaches to teaching and learning, techniques for learning outcomes assessments and feedback mechanisms. They also debated the features of teaching students in multicultural classrooms.  

The course is practically oriented, i.e. each trainee had to revise and amend the programme of his/her discipline in line with updated information provided during the course.

The trainees stressed the importance and necessity of such professional development, as the course materials have the practical value and reflect the relevant experience of European colleagues. Moreover, these materials were adapted to the Russian context and capabilities of the course trainers.

This is not the end of implementing the professional development course. In April 2021, the Centre for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+ plans to offer training for the representatives of other Penza higher education institutions.

All course materials are available in the digital learning environment of Penza State University and on the ENTEP project webpage.