A representative of Indonesia for the first time became "Miss World. Folk Queen - 2020"

10.03.2021 16:27

On March 5, Penza State University hosted the VI International beauty contest among international students “Miss World. Folk Queen – 2020”. The organizer of the competition was the International Education Office of PSU. The final was attended by honoured guests, including Dr Bashir Samakha, a PSU partner, General Director of the National Arab-Russian Association, who personally congratulated Aleksandr Guliakov on his re-election to the post of Rector and presented a congratulatory address from the Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon to Russia.

Representatives of seven countries participated in the contest: Colombia, Indonesia, Egypt, India, China, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The girls had to go through several stages: a fashion show in national costumes, composite cards, a fashion show in evening dresses and “Dance of Peace”. Especially for this evening the contestants organized the out-of-contest defile of gratitude to the doctors who have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Another innovation in the final show was the intellectual stage, during which the participants had to recognize the encrypted artists, complete a phrase from a famous Soviet film and tell about the image of a modern girl in their country. Moreover, the contest was broadcast live on the YouTube platform.

As a result, the nominations were distributed as follows:
Miss Grace - Rozygul Nurullaeva (Turkmenistan)
Miss Charm - Nishi Pola (India)
Miss Artistry - Nino Valles Andri Natalya (Colombia)
Miss Elegance - Hannah Kerestin Ashraf Rezk (Egypt)
Miss Smile - Azizakhon Ayubzoda (Tajikistan)
Miss Naturality - Inri Reik (Indonesia)
Miss Tenderness - Yuxin Zhao (China)
Miss Creativity - Inri Reik (Indonesia)
Miss Photo - Azizakhon Ayubzoda (Tajikistan)

Hannah Kerestin Ashraf Rezk (Egypt) won the bronze medal of the contest, Nino Valles Andri Natalya from Colombia became the holder of the silver medal.

The winner of the Miss World. Folk Queen - 2020 is the representative of Indonesia - Inri Reik.

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