Sport helps a student of Penza State University from Gabon to study medicine

19.10.2021 14:52

Muketu Leonce Denard is a second year student at the Medical Institute of Penza State University (PSU). The young man came to study in Penza from Gabon. Muketu is confident that Russia provides the best education, and the knowledge gained will not only make his mother's dream come true, but will also become a worthy foundation for the future profession.

“Becoming a doctor is my mother's dream, which never came true in her life, because she devoted herself to bringing up children. I know that this is important for her, so I promised her that I would become a doctor for her sake and will help people. It is difficult to study at a medical institute, but I do my best,” says the international student.

The language of sports helped the representative of another continent adapt and immerse himself in the intercultural dialogue. In basketball, Leo, as his friends call him, found his second calling. Today he is a member of the university national team and plays for the university in the ASB basketball league.

The future doctor admits that it is difficult for him to imagine at least one day without basketball. “I've been playing basketball for several years now,” says Leonce. - My family has three children. My brother is 10 years older than me, and he had no time to play with me, and it is difficult to find common themes with my sister. I was often alone and thought about what to do. Once I saw guys playing basketball and literally fell in love with this sport. It helped me find myself. Now I play all the time. When the classes are over, I go to the residence hall and sleep for a couple of hours, and then I go to the pitch and train until dark. Late in the evening and at night I do my homework and get ready for the classes".