International students of PSU visited Lermontov Museum-Reserve “Tarkhany”

03.06.2022 15:20

On 31 May 2022, the foreign citizens completing the pre-university training at Penza State University took the culturally enriching field trip to the Lermontov Museum-Reserve ”Tarkhany”. The Tarkhany Museum-Reserve is one of the most famous Lermontov places in Russia. 

The students from Egypt, Indonesia, Ecuador, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen and Tajikistan visited the estate of the late 18th-early 19th century, where the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov spent his childhood.

They made the guided tour to the former manor house, the estate of the poet’s grandmother, the restored peasant hut, the housekeeper’s house, as well as visited the mill and the miller’s house. In addition, the students visited the Arsenyev-Lermontov family necropolis with a chapel, where the ashes of Mikhail Lermontov lie, and saw the village church of Michael the Archangel, located next to the chapel of the grave of the poet’s father.

The international students listened to the guide with great interest. They also enjoyed walking in the park, lime tree alleys, apple and cherry orchards and rested by the pond and in the garden house.

“The culturally enriching field trips help international students to explore Russia, lifestyle of the peoples living on its territory, as well as its history (in particular, the noble manors). Travelling to historical places contributes to assimilating into Russian culture, customs and traditions, forming the cultural and linguistic skills and broadening the worldview,” commented Gleb Sintsov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of PSU.

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