PSU delegation paid a working visit to the Republic of Lebanon

27.09.2022 09:59

From September 14 to 21, 2022, representatives of Penza State University paid an official visit to the Republic of Lebanon at the invitation of Dr. Bashir Samaha, General Director of the National Arab-Russian Association. A number of organizations of the Republic have been actively cooperating with the University for a long time, maintaining interest in expanding areas of cooperation and evaluating these contacts as promising. In this regard, Aleksandr Guliakov, PSU Rector, and Dr. Bashir Samaha decided to initiate "Penza-Beqaa" international project.

Gleb Sintsov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Vitaly Solovyov, Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, and Adel Maqbol, specialist of the Institute of International Cooperation, visited the cities of Beirut, Zahlé, as well as the municipalities of the Beqaa region.

One of the main issues discussed at the meetings and negotiations was the training of highly qualified specialists of various professions for the labor market of the Republic of Lebanon. This was discussed in conversations with Jumana Khaimur, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Labor, and Sanan Fadi, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Public Health. The enrolment campaign in medical fields of study for Lebanese citizens at PSU is currently going well, which once again confirms that Russian higher education is valued, the price-quality ratio of educational services is recognized at a high level, and Russia remains an attractive destination for applicants from Arab countries.

Improving the professional training of senior students and teaching staff was discussed with Fraiji Asaad, Deputy Director of Lebanon-French Hospital in Zahlé. Under the current agreement with the hospital, PSU students have already had internships there. Moreover, both international and Russian students received the opportunity to undergo an internship.

“Mobility programs are what makes studying and working at a university much more exciting. New ideas, new technologies, new contacts - all this enriches the educational and scientific processes, and the presence of such practical experience is always attractive for employers,” commented Vitaly Solovyov.

For the first time, PSU guests visited the branch of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK). At the meeting, Director Rev. Fr. Boutros Eid spoke about the activities of his university. Gleb Sintsov presented the Penza Theological Seminary and its joint activities with PSU.

The program also included visits to a number of schools, meetings with representatives of religious denominations and cultural figures.

The issue of expanding the prospects for cooperation was discussed with the heads of municipalities. The parties believe that cooperation can be successfully brought to the level of regional departments, organizations, and creative teams.

“The Penza-Beqaa project aims at discussing and developing a plan for the further development of our partnerships, strengthening areas of cooperation, developing new ideas for organizing joint events and other forms of interaction. In this academic semester, we are planning to hold "Days of Arab Culture" in Penza. We expect guests from among the representatives of our partner organizations and those who are just about to get acquainted with the city of Penza, Penza State University, our team,” Gleb Sintsov summed up.

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