PSU student took part in a foreign Startup School

30.09.2022 14:40

Elizaveta Shchanina, a second year student of the Institute of Economics and Administration, took part in the Summer Startup School, which was held at Polessky State University, from September 12 to 25 in the Republic of Belarus. The invitation to participate was received within the framework of the current cooperation agreement between Penza State University and Polessky State University.

Tatyana Razuvaeva, Head of International Projects Department of the Institute of International Cooperation, says:  “Contacts with Polessky State University were established as part of the development of multilateral cooperation between the Penza region and the Brest region. At the end of June 2022, a cooperation agreement was signed between Penza State University and Polessky State University. The development of academic mobility programs and joint educational projects is one of the key areas for developing bilateral relations. Therefore, Elizaveta's participation in the Summer Startup School is an important step in our joint work. In November, two students from Polessky State University will be sent to our university to participate in the academic mobility program.”

The school program included 3 blocks - education, project and development. As part of the Startup School, students received knowledge in the field of project activities, developed and presented business ideas. In addition, the students got acquainted with the history of the city of Pinsk on an excursion and by participating in a quest around the city, developed by students and teachers of Polessky State University, went on excursions to Nesvizh and Mir castles, the Brest Fortress, around the city of Brest and Minsk and got acquainted with the history and customs of the Republic of Belarus.

During the Summer Startup School, the 1st international scientific conference "Pinsk Readings" was held, timed to coincide with the 925th anniversary of the city of Pinsk foundation, where Elizaveta presented a report on the topic "The role of digital skills in the daily life of students" (supervisor – Andrey Tuskov, Deputy Director for Research at the Institute of Economics and Administration, Associate Professor of the Department of Digital Economy, Candidate of Economic Sciences).

Elizaveta Shchanina shares her impressions: “Thank you for the invitation to Polessky State University. I am grateful to Penza State University as well as to the Institute of Economics and Administration for the opportunity to participate in the Startup.” 

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