A student of the Medical Institute of PSU is the winner of the international conference in Budapest

16.02.2023 16:32

The annual Student Scientific Conference of Semmelweis University took place on February 1 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Eight sections devoted to fundamental and clinical medical disciplines worked in the course of the conference.

Penza State University was represented at the conference by a student of the Medical Institute, Ilya Miltykh (18лл1 group).

As part of the scientific programme in the section "Basic Sciences B", his report "Branching Out a Deep into Renal Vasculature" (Analysis of the intraorgan arterial bed of the kidneys) was heard. Ilya Miltykh and his report took first place in the section.

The report was prepared under the guidance of Oleg Zenin, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Human Anatomy.

Ilya Miltykh explained how he came to study the issue of his report and how his research is useful: “My report is devoted to the intraorgan branching of the arteries inside the kidneys, that is, how the vessels inside the kidneys branch and what they do in different areas.”

The young man got engaged in this issue in 2020, when at the iVolga Youth Forum he received a grant to conduct research on the project “Morphometric standard of the intraorgan vascular bed of the human kidney”, which was also supported by the Government of the Penza Region.

“Since that time we have been studying this problem. That is, my report in Budapest is a logical continuation of the study,” said the student.

Ilya explained that in the future, based on the results of his research, it will be possible to analyze intraorganic vessels automatically thanks to the development of CT and MRI machines. This will allow early diagnosis of various diseases of patients associated with disorders of the vascular bed of the kidneys.

The young man also shared that participation in such conferences is an important experience: “There were many students from Hungary and China among the participants. International cooperation is, of course, very important and interesting. Without it, it seems to me, it will be difficult to do something in the scientific world.”

Proceedings of the conference with abstracts from the participants' speeches will be published as a result of the event.

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