The study guide “Functional Reading: Theory and Practice” by PSU Professor Galina Prantsova was published in Kazakhstan

17.04.2024 09:48

In Kazakhstan, the publishing house “KϴKZHIEK-Horizon” (Almaty) published a study guide “Functional Reading: Theory and Practice” by Galina Prantsova, Professor of the Department “Literature and Methods of Teaching Literature” of the Institute of Teacher Education, Penza State University, co-authored with Elena Romanicheva. Associate Professor of Moscow City Pedagogical University.

The study guide offers various text-based strategies (reading and writing) that are designed to promote the development of functional reading and functional literacy skills.

The structure of the study guide allows it to be used both sequentially and selectively to solve specific problems related to the formation of functional reading skills.

The study guide is addressed to everyone who deals with problems related to the formation of functional reading skills and functional literacy within the framework of the educational process.

In 2020, the Neolit publishing house (Moscow) published two editions of the study guide in Russia.

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