Best international students awarded with a tour to the city of Tula

28.05.2024 09:12

Annually, the international students of Penza State University who have demonstrated outstanding performance in science, study, sports, creativity and social life are awarded with a guided tour to one of the Russian cities. This year was no exception, so the student went to the city of Tula.

“Undertaking such activities as tours and excursions acts not only as a form of encouraging for the active students, but also as a means of adapting. This has a positive impact on international students as a more accessible and understandable type of activity in any language, which, in turn, can contribute to a deeper acquaintance of foreign nationals with culture and history of the city, region, country. In addition, organized trips “to the outside world” familiarize the arriving students with leisure opportunities, safe ways to move around the cities and multiple interesting places to visit!” commented Vice-Rector for International Affairs Gleb Sintsov.

During the guided tour, the international students explored the city of Tula as a place with a unique history and architecture, which originated as a result of the development of handicrafts and adherence to the special traditions among working people. Tula grew gradually, and every corner of it deserves special attention and deep immersion in history.

The students of the university also got acquainted with the historical center during the walking part of the tour, strolled along the Kazan embankment and the museum quarter. The guide uncovered some mysteries and secrets of the Tula Kremlin, as well as the history of the heart of Tula.

After walking, the students studied the city through the bus windows, going to all the especially remarkable places in Tula: Lenin Avenue and Krasnoarmeysky Avenue, Kuznechnaya Sloboda with its monuments and tea drinking traditions, the most beautiful gunsmiths' houses. They looked into the former Chulkovskaya Sloboda and learned about the harmonious and samovar productions, saw the place where the Upa River divides and washes the Imperial Arms Factory. Surely they visited the place where the monument to the Tula pryanik (or gingerbread) is located.

“We are grateful to the International Education Office for such a wonderful opportunity to open up new cultural horizons. The experience of communicating with foreign peers from different study fields is valuable, since this activity engaged volunteers and athletes, outstanding students and young researchers. We thank for a vivid memory that will remain with us for many years. How wonderful it is that in addition to gaining knowledge or doing what we love, be it sport, cultural activities or anything else, we can travel around the Russian cities!” emphasized the international students of Penza State University.

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