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26.10.2021 09:57 Olympiad "German as a Second Foreign Language» at PSU

The purpose of the Olympiad is to increase the motivation of students to learn the German language, to identify the level of their language and communication skills. Its organizers set the task of awakening students' interest in the German language, the culture of Germany, its history, which will undoubtedly serve as an incentive for further study of the German language
25.10.2021 13:24 Leading scientists-economists took part in the international conference at PSU

The international scientific and practical conference "Concept, Programmes and Projects for Sustainable Social and Economic Development of Territorial Systems" was held as part of the Year of Science and Technology at Penza State University on Wednesday, October 20
25.10.2021 13:17 Gleb Sintsov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, paid an official visit to Al Ain University, UAE

Vice-rector Gleb Sintsov presented PSU in the course of negotiations with the University leadership on the following possible areas of cooperation: joint research and publications in Scopus and Web of Science journals, academic mobility of teachers and students, organization of scientific and cultural events
21.10.2021 11:39 More than 750 Chinese studnets from 20 partner universities took part in the PSU project "Learn the Russian language and culture"

The programme is aimed at generating interest in learning the Russian language and culture among Chinese youth. It includes a training course in the Russian language and a cultural block of workshops on the practical mastery of Russian traditional crafts and customs
21.10.2021 11:35 Eight PSU scientific journals are included in the international bibliographic database J-Gate (Bangalore, India)

J-Gate is an international electronic portal that provides users with open access to specialized, professional, and scientific peer-reviewed publications of the world's largest publishers. Created in 2006, the J-Gate database today includes more than 55,000 journals, the data of which is updated daily
19.10.2021 14:52 Sport helps a student of Penza State University from Gabon to study medicine

Muketu Leonce Denard is a second year student at the Medical Institute of Penza State University (PSU). The young man came to study in Penza from Gabon
06.10.2021 16:01 The results of the international contest of environmental projects Green Campus-Green City have been summed up

PSU students and gymnasium No. 44 pupils, whose projects were selected for the final round, presented their ideas to the joint jury, and also answered questions from European experts
05.10.2021 16:35 Final meeting within the international ENTEP project held at Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra

On 28 – 29 September 2021, Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (Portugal) hosted the final meeting within the project “Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education in RUSSIA and CHINA” to discuss such important issues, as quality of the implemented project, dissemination of the project outputs and outcomes and their sustainability after the project life
05.10.2021 09:10 Dmitry Drozdov, a post-graduate student at the Department of Computer Engineering, defends his PhD-thesis

Dmitry Drozdov took a six-year training course under the Double-Degree Post-Graduate Course Agreement between PSU and LTU signed in 2016. The research advisor from LTU was Prof. Valery Vyatkin, Doctor of Sciences, Head of Department «Dependable Communication and Computation Systems»; from PSU - Viktor Dubinin, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering
04.10.2021 10:55 Penza States University holds a round table dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States

The event was attended by students and employees of the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature, Institute of Law, Institute of Economics and Administration, and representatives of the Institute of International Cooperation
23.09.2021 09:09 Penza State University hosts VIII Penza-Flensburg Congress

The Congress programme is designed for three days and involves a number of online working meetings, discussion platforms, and public events
16.09.2021 09:25 Vaccination against Covid-19

02.09.2021 11:17 Rector Aleksandr Guliakov congratulates the students on the Knowledge Day

31.08.2021 10:16 First graduate dentists from Arab countries received higher education diplomas

40 specialists received diplomas, two of whom graduated with honors
13.08.2021 16:06 PSU international students took part in the round table

The round table was attended by representatives of the International Students Association of the Penza Region and public youth associations
09.08.2021 12:57 Prospects of cooperation with the Lebanese Republic were discussed at PSU

In a conversation with the Minister, the PSU Rector stressed the importance of joint international projects in the field of higher education and noted that in 2015-2019 Penza State University signed a number of cooperation agreements with Lebanese partner universities. A lot of work on international cooperation was carried out bilaterally
09.08.2021 09:54 Delegation of the Republic of Uganda paid an official visit to PSU

During the meeting with Rector Aleksandr Guliakov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Gleb Sintsov and other employees of PSU, representatives of Uganda discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in the field of education and science
28.07.2021 08:04 Aleksandr Guliakov took part in a meeting of rectors of Russian and Arab universities in Moscow

On July 27, at the Intellectual Center of the Fundamental Library, Moscow State University, a Memorandum on developing the activities of the Russian-Arab Youth Union of the Federation of Rectors of Russian and Arab Universities was adopted
22.07.2021 15:38 Penza State University opens the way to medicine for the student from Nigeria

Ogundiran Oluwatobi is a 6th year student of the Medical Institute from Nigeria. Being fluent in four languages and having studied at a Nigerian university, he chose Russia for higher medical education and came to Penza in 2015
07.07.2021 16:39 PSU starts implementing a joint master's degree programme with Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany)

An agreement was signed on implementing the Master's degree programme "Languages, Culture, Media" in 45.04.01 "Philology" in network with Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany)
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