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15.03.2022 16:34 Penza State University held Navratri festival

“This festival is very popular in India. We gather in large companies and dance. The deep symbolic meaning of the festival lies in the victory of good over evil, so it gives a person faith in the power of spiritual truths, the triumph of justice and the opportunity to implement the brightest undertakings,” said Jaspalsing Rajput, a student from India
15.03.2022 11:58 PSU international students took part in the "KVN School"

Members of the KVN (Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted) teams of the Higher and Premier Leagues introduced the students to set design, talked about how to write jokes correctly, about identifying and developing the creative potential of team members

02.02.2022 14:27 A book written with the participation of Penza State University representatives was published in a foreign publishing house

The book is the result of the LEMEL scientific consortium members’ work on a joint project devoted to studying the reflection of the discourse of the memory of the First World War in European online media
01.02.2022 10:51 Two Jean Monnet Modules launched at PSU

At the Centre for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+, the project teams represented by Gleb Sintsov, Evgenii Bitiutskii, Danil Feoktistov (ProEU project) and Anna Aleksandrova, Anastasiia Ryzhova (EUSOSEL project) will deliver the new modules and familiarize students of the Institute of Law with EU law and European human rights system, as well as social security law in the European Union
25.01.2022 15:55 Linguists from PSU and the Transylvanian University (Romania) continue their joint project

The participants’ reports were presented in English and were devoted to the forms and methods of using the language in various areas of communication: politics, mass media, social networks, translation. The organizers emphasized a high level of research and the need to continue the project
14.01.2022 09:54 Rules for foreign citizens to undergo state dactyloscopic registration

12.01.2022 09:16 The project by a PSU student will help to provide the University gyms with "green energy"

The project presents methods of converting energy to connect a "working load" of low power. In the course of the research, it is planned to reconstruct the power supply system of PSU sports complex by introducing elements of "green" energy, as well as using renewable energy sources
30.12.2021 13:44 New Year Greetings

28.12.2021 14:48 International students of Penza State University visited the Regional Social and Rehabilitation Center for Children and Young Disabled People

The event was organized by the Penza Regional Court, the Office of the Judicial Department in the Penza Region, Penza State University (the Institute of International Cooperation, as well as the Institute of Law) and the Penza regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia
28.12.2021 14:12 International students conducted "Lessons of Friendship" for schoolchildren in Penza

The project, according to its organizers, pursues noble goals: “It is important for us to bring our values closer by developing mutual interests and joint affairs, to provide an opportunity to meet representatives of other nations and cultures, and to learn intercultural dialogue”
24.12.2021 09:02 A student from the Institute of International Cooperation becomes a finalist of "Freshman - 2021" contest

The first-year student Medina Mudarisova from Kyrgyzstan sang the song “Ким билет” (“Who knows”) in her native language and was awarded a special prize “For preserving cultural heritage”
23.12.2021 09:20 The title «Miss World. Folk Queen - 2021» goes to Lebanon

The bronze award of the contest was given to Khandjada Sumayabana (India), the silver award - to Parizoda Abdumazhidova (Uzbekistan). The winner of Miss World. Folk Queen - 2021 became the representative of Lebanon Cynthia Savaya
20.12.2021 09:21 PSU identified areas of cooperation with Al Ain University, UAE

As further steps in the development of cooperation, the parties identified work in mini-groups to compare the curricula of the two universities, get acquainted with the material and technical base and develop roadmaps for developing joint work
14.12.2021 09:22 Penza State University took part online in the One Belt One Road international forum

In his report, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs spoke about the history, results and prospects of cooperation with Chinese universities. The concept and results of the online marathon "Learn the Russian Language and Culture", held at PSU in 2020 and 2021 for schoolchildren and students of China, were also presented
07.12.2021 09:17 The II stage of the International Students Forum "Russia made us friends" finished in Ethnomir

The main aim of the Forum is to develop the leadership potential of international students, to strengthen educational, scientific and cultural cooperation between higher educational institutions of Russia
03.12.2021 09:26 Igor Pronin, Professor of PSU, presented his research at the authoritative international conference "Nano Today"

The presented research was carried out by a scientific collaboration including Penza State University (Igor Averin, Head of the Department of Nano- and Microelectronics, Andrey Karmanov, Associate Professor, Nadezhda Yakushova, Senior Lecturer), St. Petersburg State University Professor Aleksey Komolov), St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University LETI” (Professor Vyacheslav Moshnikov)
03.12.2021 09:20 The winners of the international contest Green Campus - Green City were awarded certificates

The Federal Foreign Office supported the competitive application of PSU and the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and allocated a grant for implementing the winning projects
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