Corporate Management

Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)
ECTS: 240
Fields of study: Management of Enterprises of Various Organizational and Legal Forms, State and Municipal Management
Languages of instruction: Russian, English (on request)



The Bachelor's degree programme is focused on delivering deep theoretical knowledge in the field of management. As a result of the educational process the bachelor graduates should be able to apply fundamental knowledge in the field of management.

The Bachelor's degree programme provides profound teaching of management theory and practice leading students’ fundamental preparation readiness for the future profession.

The programme includes lectures, laboratory practice, seminars and workshops, tutorials, student independent work.




organisational and managerial activity:
•    development and implementation of organization’s competitive and corporative strategies, as well as functional strategies (marketing, finance, personnel);
•    development and implementation of a complex of operational measures in accordance with an organization’s strategy;
•    planning of organization’s and divisions’ activities;
•    establishment of organizational and managerial structures of organizations;
•    organization of executives’ (team) work to implement concrete projects and activities;
•    development and implementation of  organization (enterprise, state or municipal authority body) development projects;
•    supervision of divisions, teams, executives;
•    motivation and encouragement of organization’s personnel focused on achievement of strategic and operational goals;
•    settlement of organizational conflicts at the level of divisions and teams;

entrepreneurial activity:
•    development and implementation of business-plans of new ventures;
•    organisation and running of business.




On successful completion of the course, the graduates should be able to (key competences):
•    apply basic philosophical views to form a world outlook;
•    self-organize and self-study;
•    apply methods and means of physical training to ensure full-fledged social and professional activity;
•    render first aid and to apply protection measures at emergency situations;
•    find organizational and managerial solutions and to be responsible for them in terms of social importance of made decisions;
•    design organizational structures, participate in human resource management strategy development, plan and implement activities, distribute and delegate responsibilities and powers taking into account personal responsibilities for activities implemented;
•    make managerial decisions concerning organization’s operational (production) activities;
•    strategically analyze, develop and implement organization’s competitiveness ensuring strategy;
•    apply basic methods of financial management to evaluate assets, manage circulating capital, make investment and funding decisions, establish a dividend policy and capital structure, including when making decisions concerning operations in world markets in conditions of the globalization;
•    analyze correlations of companies’ functional strategies to prepare balanced managerial decisions;
•    manage projects, technological and product innovations implementation programs or organizational alteration programs;
•    supervise step-by-step the implementation of business plans and conditions of concluded agreements and contracts, coordinate activities of executives using methods of managerial decisions implementation in the field of functional management to achieve high coordination when implementing concrete projects and works;
•    assess economic and social conditions of business activities, search for new market opportunities and to develop new business models;
•    manage changes and innovations;
•    optimize projects and processes;
•    manage processes of organization’s reconstruction.




The graduates are capable of working at state authority bodies, banks and insurance companies, energy companies, investment funds, consulting companies, industrial enterprises, transport companies, and running their own business.

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