Volunteer movement

An effective way to organise the educational process of international students is to develop student volunteer movement. This activity ensures fulfilling social and cultural needs of young people. Enjoying the fruits of their efforts, students realise the importance of spiritual values and gain emotional satisfaction from their work.

Volunteer activity is aimed at providing services for no financial gain to benefit the public. Voluntary participation and commitment are the main criteria of volunteering. It is based on serving the cause of humanity, specifically through assisting other people.

In the work with international students volunteer activity has the following functions:

•    educative (participation in altruistic projects requires responsibility, as well as partnership, kindness, honesty, generosity and others);
•    communicative(volunteer work is directly linked to communication with volunteer group leaders, university employees, and people from other social organisations and groups);
•    preventive (high moral requirements and leisure time management have a positive impact on individuals, for example such work prevents deviant behaviour);
•    world-view (while doing socially valuable things a student understands the significance of his own life, the need and relevance of volunteer activity);
•    educational (depending on social projects, a volunteer gains considerable experience, including skills and abilities required for carrying out a particular work).

At the university international students become volunteers in light of various grounds. They include:

•    noble idea reflecting the principles and importance of students’ activities;
•    psychological need, since many volunteers are willing to do something useful for society;
•    need for communication, which young people fulfil while interacting with other people;
•    establishing new relations and earning society’s respect;
•    developing professional qualities;
•    access to resources, for example, international students have many travel opportunities.

Facing someone else’s problems and troubles, international students extend their sympathy to people in difficulty. It contributes to enhanced morals of youngsters. Watching people who cannot help themselves without assistance, students start thinking about the value of life.

Volunteer student activities within the International Office comprise such areas as promoting healthy lifestyles, assisting socially vulnerable groups of population, arranging charity concerts, and conducting sociological surveys.

However, the most common volunteer activity is work with children with disabilities and children deprived of parental care. All sorts of campaigns are organised for these kids: fund raising for purchasing special medication, clothes, or toys; managing and holding charity concerts and festive events; training children new skills.

International students of Penza State University in liaison with representatives of Penza public organisation Blagovest and Penza Alfa-Bank branch traditionally visit boarding schools and orphan asylums on the eve of New Year.

On 26 December 2016, they were at the special boarding school in the village of Neverkino. PSU students were eager to put children in a cheerful mood for New Year’s holidays. The event programme included the traditional concert with Father Frost and Snow Maiden. In addition, young people staged the festive performance, held competitions and master classes on making New Year’s cards.

The charity event was organised by PSU students from Iraq, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Moldova.

The Young Lawyers Council to the Penza branch of the Russian Association of Lawyers and international students of PSU annually meet with kids on the eve of International Children’s Day.

On 27 May 2017, they visited the Nizhnelomovsky orphanage for children with disabilities. The trip was organization with the assistance of Professor Gleb Sintsov, Chairman of the Penza branch of the Russian Association of Lawyers, Aleksey Kardakov, Head of the Administration of Justice Department in the Penza region, Ivan Krasnov, Deputy Chairman of the City Duma, Associate Professor Svechnikov Nikolay, Head of the Department of Law Enforcement Activity at PSU, volunteers of the Russian Red Cross in Penza, as well as the International Education Office of Penza State University.

The officials congratulated kids on the upcoming festive day and wished cheerful and happy summer time. Children enjoyed the saturated programme. In addition to charity concert prepared by the Faculties of Law and Dentistry together with international students, kids were in for a surprise – petting zoo. Children were delighted not only to take pictures with animals, but also to feed, pet and play with them.

It is great pleasure for us to give performances for children. Their eyes are alight with excitement and cheer thanks to our visit. For this it is worthwhile to put all things behind and come here,” international students of Penza State University shared their impressions.

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