Sport life

In the modern educational environment, foreign citizens evince greater interest in receiving Russian higher professional education. It results in increasing number of international students at Penza State University. Within the intensively developing interstate relations one of the topical issues is the adjustment of foreign nationals to the educational, social and cultural space.

Effective training of international students depends on how successfully they accustom to the new environment. In this regard, the extra-curricular work of the International Office is primarily aimed at adapting young people to the new living and learning conditions through their involvement in the creative, sporting and social life of the university. Promotion of healthy lifestyles and sports is a driver in social adaptation of international students.

Sport is known for cultivating movement coordination, physical qualities and abilities required for living, developing and adapting to the complex stressors. It is reflected in increasing resistance to a number of unfavourable factors, i.e. unusual climate, psychological stress, mental strain, and so on. In our case, students receive assistance in adjusting to new circumstances associated with climate and alien cultural environment exacerbated by language barriers and university studies. In addition, sport has a profound impact not only on academic excellence, but also on the forming attitudes and standards of conduct that regulate people’s behaviour, strengthen interpersonal relations between citizens of different countries and create positive psychological climate among them.

When working out the plan for sporting events, the International Office takes into account the characteristics of sports in various states, common features of multinational groups, language convergence, regional patterns, and national traditions. One of the focuses in sports and health work is the involvement of international students in specialised sports clubs. In conjunction with the Institute of Sport and Physical Training, the International Office has established sports clubs in the following areas: football, wrestling, swimming, artistic gymnastics, volleyball, and basketball. The sports clubs operate throughout the academic year. Sign-up begins in September.

During the academic year, mass health and sports events are held. They are aimed at involving students in regular sports activities and improving their health. The events are arranged in their free time, on weekends and on public holidays.

Penza State University annually hosts the Kurash Tournament among international students. Kurash refers to several folk wrestling styles practiced in Central Asia. The competitions are held at the Institute of Sport and Physical Training. The tournament is timed for Nowruz (the festival of the New Year among the Iranians and Turkic peoples) celebrated at Penza State University.

The Kurash Tournament brings together foreign citizens studying at three Penza universities: Penza State University, Penza Artillery Engineering Institute and Penza State University of Architecture and Construction. Participants represent Central Asian countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The competitions are held in 4 weight classes: up to 60 kg, up to 70 kg, up to 80 kg, and up to 90 kg. 

The Good Will Games is held at sport facilities of Penza State University. This sport and recreation event is conducted following the results of sports clubs for international students in 6 sports: mini-football, wrestling, volleyball, street-ball, swimming, and artistic gymnastics. Approximately 300 foreign nationals from 20 countries take part in the competition.

The games are aimed at the adaptation and socialisation of foreign citizens through organising sports-oriented leisure activities. Moreover, its goal is to reinforce friendly ties between students from different countries studying at the university.

The International Office also encourages off-site sports events.

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