Cooperation with Europa-Universität Flensburg

The cooperation with the Europa-Universität Flensburg began in 2012.

The main areas of cooperation:
- academic mobility of students and teachers / staff;
- implementing joint educational projects;
- carrying out joint activities;
- joint publications;
- implementing joint research projects;
- filing applications for grant funds.

The results achieved:

- over 70 people (PSU students, teachers, staff) took part in academic mobility programmes, including under the Erasmus + programme. The impressions of some of them are available;
- 6 joint educational e-mail projects were implemented:

  • „DaF-Lerner-Tandem“ (2013),
  • „Migration in der Literatur“ (2014),
  • „Zwischen zwei Kulturen: Selbst- und Fremdbilder“ (2015),
  • „Literarische Texte als Schreibanlässe“ (2017),
  • „Lyrik interkulturell“ (2017),
  • „Europäische Erzähltraditionen. Neue Perspektiven aus der Interkulturalitätsforschung“ (2019);

- joint applications are submitted to grant funds;
- joint research is carried out within the LEMEL international consortium;
- the DIREPA research project “Discourses and representations of Europe’s past in online media” (grant support from the Federal Foreign Office) was implemented;
- a joint monograph was published: Wagner, H., Aleshina, E. Representation of Europe’s past in online media / Die Darstellung der konfliktreichen Vergangenheit Europas in online-Medien. Penza; Flensburg; Cergy-Pontoise: PSU Publishing House, 2019. 280 pp ;
- 7 Penza-Flensburg congresses were held.

Prospects for cooperation:
- Implementing the joint degrees master's programme “Languages, Culture, Media”
- Involving students and teachers in programmes of academic mobility not only in the language areas of training
- filing joint applications for grant support to implement educational and research projects

Prof. Dr. Iulia-Karin Patrut
Cooperation coordinator
at the Europa-Universität Flensburg


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