Development of devices for remote wireless diagnostics of human organism

Research field: Biotechnology and biomedicine, including the protection of human health and neuroscience

Project leader: Alexander Yu. Tychkov, PhD, deputy director of the research institute for basic and applied studies

Key words: Medical signals, ECG, EEG, voice signals, data processing and analysis, detection and identification of parameters, mathematical algorithms and programs


One of the problems in the field of healthcare is modest effectiveness of human health examination. It is associated: firstly, with low effectiveness of medical staff in prevention and treatment of diseases; secondly, with insufficient qualification of medical staff; thirdly, with overrated cost of health examination and limited time resources for examination of a certain group of population.


Development of devices enabling complex, distant, wireless human organism diagnostics is an urgent task. Solving the given task will allow to take medicine to a new level of quality and will make it possible for a user to safely apply this kind of devices both in public and domestic environment, enabling real time health condition determination by a patient him/herself, as well as obtainment of estimations and recommendations subject to the results obtained.

Research Originality

Within the project there was carried out a complex estimation of signal biomarkers for the first time using unique approaches to processing and analysis of biomedical signals of different nature. There have been developed new methods and means of processing and multicriterion analysis of the biomedical signals’ parameters under investigation.

Expected outcomes and their importance

The project will result in development of a multifunctional firmware medical complex allowing to register main vital parameters and to preliminarily analyze patient’s condition, followed by recommendations on healthy life style.

Sphere of application

The project applies to medical devices and systems and is advised to be used for determination of main indicators and estimations of health conditions by patients themselves.

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