Prevention Equipment for Airborne Infections

Research field: General and medical immunology

Project leader: N.E. Kurnosov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, senior researcher at the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Research

Key words: immunology, viral infections, airborne transmission


A significant number of airborne infectious diseases, especially in crowded places. Existing prevention methods are often ineffective.


One of the most effective prevention methods for airborne diseases is an inhalation therapy using medicines with strong antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. That determines the importance of the developed equipment.

Research Originality

The equipment uses controlled dispersion of solution (particle size 1-10 µm), mixing it with air and getting a wet fog in a room.

Expected outcomes and their importance

Guidelines will be developed on the equipment operation. They will allow maximum efficiency of the equipment.

Sphere of application

Preventive measures in crowded places (kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other medical institutions).


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